Planters Wart Treatments

  I was told that you can treat a planters wart by soaking and removing the dead tissue. Then using a clear nail polish over the area to smother it. But that it would take a while to see results. Same as the over the counter treatments. Is this true? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jan 03, 2012
 That process can be painful but not necessarily effective. As for over the counter drugs, please note that even the most effective ones take up to four weeks before they can get rid of the planters wart. It therefore goes without saying that you will have to be patient. Using salicylic acid, a plantar wart treatment that you can purchase over the counter from your local drug store, you can remove a plantar wart in generally about four weeks. The process calls for daily application of acid to the wart, as well as rubbing of the dead skin from the wart. Acid can be applied either as a solution or as a patch, and sometimes you must apply it twice a day. You can use a nail file or pumice stone to remove the dead skin from the plantar wart each day. It is kind of pleasing that such an old medicinal substance should still be recognized as an excellent treatment as salicylic acid was known by the ancient world to exist within willow bark. Just try not to let any of it get onto clear skin, where it will cause irritation. Duct tape wart removal has more in common with acid treatment than with cryotherapy. Apply the tape to your wart and leave it there for six days, after which you can wash the affected area and, once dry, rub off the dead wart skin with either that nail file or pumice stone once again. The duct tape method generally takes around six weeks, but may take up to eight before you remove the plantar wart. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 13 Feb 2012 
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