Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection in Children

  Good day! I have a 2 year old daughter who had a UTI...I would like to ask if there's a natural remedy for the UTI? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jan 05, 2012
 Showers are recommended until the condition has completely subsided. Baths are a warm breeding ground for the bacteria to spread and worsen the infection. It is best to avoid any wetness from collecting in the genital area, except for sterilizing purposes. Drinking pure cranberry juice may be unpleasant for children, but it does reduce the chance of bacteria spreading. Mixing 2 parts cranberry juice with 1 part apple juice may help improve the taste. The cranberry creates a hostile breeding ground for bacteria. Cranberry juice is the most popular choice among sufferers to fight the infection. If more than two days have passed and the child is still suffering, they should be taken to a doctor. Antibiotics can completely cure the infection if it is caught in time. A doctor will only prescribe an antibiotic if the UTI is untreatable at home. Once an infection persists beyond two days it is considered serious and you should seek medical attention. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 13 Feb 2012 
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