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  i want tips for hair loss and hair growth pl suggest me and now i am using vatika shampoo 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jan 06, 2012
 Preventing hair loss is actually the first step towards thick hair growth. It would help if you are tender towards your hair and avoid any kind of damage to it. That includes strong chemicals in shampoos and hair products. Protect your hair against exposure to pollution and sunlight too. You should also avoid brushing hair too vigorously and keep it free of knots by regularly detangling it with your fingers. Also, do not comb your hair immediately after you have washed it. A good idea would be to comb just before washing your hair instead. You should also change your shampoo sometimes, as long term use of a single shampoo seems to build a layer on the hair, which should be avoided. Oiling your hair on a regular basis is a good practice for long hair growth. Heat coconut oil to a lukewarm temperature and apply it on your scalp thoroughly with your fingertips while massaging gently. Leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning. You can also mix the oil with lime juice or lime water to promote hair growth. Besides this, you can try applying the juice of coriander leaves on your head regularly. You should also get your hair trimmed regularly, that is, once every six weeks or so. The less damaged your hair is, the higher are the chances that it will grow quickly. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 13 Feb 2012 
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