Remedies for Heartburn

  What can I do for severe heart burn? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012
 While chewing gum and vinegar are our top two heartburn remedies, we have also read the research and evaluated the effectiveness of many other proposed acid reflux remedies. Below you will find our findings on each remedy, and you can read full articles on reach remedy by using the links below: Effective for occasional use, negative side effects make antacids something you want to avoid using regularly over the long-term. Apple Cider Vinegar does work, but it offers no special benefit over plain and less expensive vinegar for heartburn. The acetic acid in vinegar is what relieves heartburn, and acetic acid is the primary ingredient in all vinegar. Vinegar is one of the best heartburn remedies, no matter what the type. Baking soda was replaced by calcium carbonate in over the counter antacids for a reason too many side effects, especially when consumed regularly. Baking soda is for toothpaste, not for drinking on a daily basis. Bed wedge pillows are pillows specially designed to reduce acid reflux when sleeping. While they can be effective, we suspect they may lead to spinal trouble after years of use. It is much simpler and cheaper to just elevate your bed than it is to buy a pillow. These pillows do come in handy however when traveling. Celery may reduce heartburn simply because it requires a lot of chewing to eat. Chewing produces saliva, and saliva is the best heartburn remedy around. 
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