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Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 13, 2011
 Anyone can experience urine retention but it is more common in men in their fifties and sixties because of prostate enlargement.in women, the condition causing urine retention is called cystocele. This happens to when her bladder sags or moves out of the normal position. Keep in mind that if your diet retention problem is chronic, you may need surgery as the ultimate solution. This may be costly but is works and is the best solution. If on the other hand the problem is not serious, you can go for home remedy solutions. However, you have to stop any medication you could be under or seek expert advice before embarking on any home remedy solution. One home remedy solution that seems to work wonders in this case is cucumber juice. It has diuretic effects that can result to positive changes just a after a short while if well followed. Mix a teaspoon of honey with another tablespoon if fresh lime juice to one cucumber juice. Then take the mixture three times a day. Another home remedy solution is the cranberry. Its juice contains supplements that are widely known to flush out bacteria causing bladder infection. If you find it hard to take cranberry juice or do not know where to buy cranberries, try out lemon. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to 180 ml of boiling water. Let he mixture cool down then sip 60 ml of this mixture after every two hours staring form 8 a.m. till 3pm. Finally, try to apply cold compress on the stomach. Doing his relieves congestion within the pelvic area thus making it easy for one to release urine without straining. While compressing your stomach, be careful to over chill the skin 
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