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  face smashed into the side of a pool. I hurt my lip. It hurt like really really bad. The lip doesn't hurt anymore. But it has a bruise/cut and its swelling a lot, but it has gone down a bit. Any fast ways I can fix it? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011
 Thanks for contacting home remedy haven for a solution. Well, there are several home remedy solutions you can apply which may quicken the healing process on your lip. They are easy to follow and should bring about some positive change if you observe them regularly. The first home remedy solution has something to do with your diet. Eat foods rich in bioflavonoids - Vitamin P. Bioflavonoids are known protect capillaries, keep them strong and prevents bleeding. They also have great anti-inflammatory agents. Lemons, germ peppers and broccoli are very rich in bioflavonoids. Should you opt for bioflavonoids supplements, then make sure you take the supplements with vitamin C which is normally found in almost all the citrus fruits. This way, the supplements will absorb quickly in your body. Another perfect solution is the use of St John Wort herb. The herb has effective wound healing properties that are essential in speedy healing of wounds, bruises and cuts. The plant is also rich in antibacterial and astringent properties. For external use, add a few drops to organic oil or an organic cream and gently apply to the bruised area or just apply a few drops of the tincture directly to the skin and then allow it to soak in. do this until you notice some positive change. If the bruises seem stubborn and wont go way, then see a doctor. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 03 Aug 2011 
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