Removing Air From Your Ear

  How to take air out of your ear 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 19, 2011
 Air in the ear can be very uncomfortable. It may sometimes last for days and one may be forces to live with the discomfort during that time. Fortunately you can easily remove the air in your ear from home without seeing the doctor. It is normal for you to feel tempted to insert a foreign object in your ear once you feel air clogged in there. Never ever do this. Even if it is using the cotton ear bud and pushing it a little further than normal. Doing this may cause more problems to your ear than problems. The first way to do this is by drinking something (preferable water or juice) keep it in your mouth then cover your ears and swallow. A second simple solution while be yawning. It may sound funny but yawning can actually take air out of your ears. It will simply pop out the pressure difference in your ear and remove the excess air. Then do not blow your nose too hard. Look for sterile isotonic water called Hydra sense medium. It will work within minute and pop it the air in your ear. Just follow the instructions for the Hydra sense medium. If any of the above methods seem not to work, then try ear drops. Buy them over the counter and use them as prescribed in the instructions. If the ear drops do nothing to ease you of the discomfort, then call your doctor as soon you can. It just could be something else apart from excess air in your ear. 
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