Reducing Razor Burn

  How do i treat razor burn? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 21, 2011
 The best way to treat razor burns is by preventing them. This can be done by using sharp sterilized razor blades. You should also not shave in a hurry and should use the proper creams or gel while shaving. As for your question, it is clear that you need a remedy for razor burns that already showing. Well, relax, there are quite a handful or home remedy solutions that you can use. The first one is the use of mild salicylic acid solutions or witch hazel. Simply apply the solutions on the burns and be patient as you wait for any positive changes. Another perfect solution for the burns would be aloe vera. It may be applying the oil from the plane directly on the burns or by using any jelly or lotion or aloe vera. This will smoothen and soften your skin easily. The burnings and the itchy sensations they sometimes come along will soon disappear. If you do not have any of these solutions ready with you, then you should try applying cold water on the burns. This however, is not a permanent remedy. It will only help alleviate the pain brought about by the burns for a while. Once you are completely healed of the razor burns, you have to remember that you will shave again soon. The razor burns may then come knocking again. You therefore have to get after shaves that are specially designed to prevent or heal razor burns. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 09 Jul 2011 
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