Stomach Inflammation Remedies

  Is there a home remedy for stomach inflammation? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 24, 2011
 Stomach inflammation occurs when the lining of your gastrointestinal tract swells. The swelling could be as a result of irritation or infection from what you ate or drank. Normally the irritation is caused by eating foods or drinks that one may be allergic to. It may also be as a result of eating lots of greasy foods, fibers and spices. The best way to deal with stomach inflammation is by watching what you eat. The food you eat or beverages you drink can help you relieve stomach inflammation or worsen the condition. You simply need to modify your diet under a doctors supervision. Make sure that what you eat results to a hydrated and settled stomach. The diet should also promote solid stool. You have to be hydrates as when you drink contaminated water or eat contaminated food you end up having, nausea, and vomiting a lot. As a result of vomiting you lose a lot of water. The dehydration can however be put under control by drinking lots of water, sports drinks, low fat yoghurt, green herbal tea or clear soda. Then avoid foods rich in spices. Instead eat soft foods such as cooked carrots, boiled potatoes, white bread and rice. With such foods, you will have a solid stool and a settled stomach. When your stomach is back to normal, you may resume to your normal diets. If your condition seems to be unresponsive to the diet change, then consult your doctor. This is simple because some stomach inflammations may result to other stomach complications. Simply eat healthy and stay safe. 
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