Black Mold Remedy

  I have been exposed to black mold in my home for a long time, is there a natural remedy to detox my body from any infestation of black mold spores that might have happened? 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011
 Well the genuine answer is yes there is a natural remedy to detox your body from back mold infestation. Depending on your symptoms and how severe the infestation is there are several supplements and home remedy solutions that may be able to help you. The simplest of all is taking a lot of water. Take 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will make your body flush out any toxins that may have entered your body. It will also make your skin look smooth and healthy. You should also consider adding some exercise to your daily schedule. Exercising will help you bring up sweat which will in turn get rid of toxins through your skin's pores. However if you are too weak to work out then get your doctor's permission before embarking on any exercising schedule or routine. Then there is an excellent herb called Echinacea which can be used as a detoxing agent. It can help building up your immune system. Find out more about it from your doctor about it. It may or may not be allergic to your body. A doctors opinion is therefore necessary before using the herb. After all is said and done and nothing seems to work, you should try to get some rest. When you are not getting enough hours of sleep your immune system gets weaker and weaker by the day. It may eventually break down. When this happens, you will tire easily and become more susceptible to the toxins around you. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 30 Jun 2011 
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