Pinched Nerve in Leg

  how do i relieve the pain of a pinched nerve in my leg 

Posted By: Anonymous on Jul 03, 2011
 The first thing you need to do with a pinched nerve in leg is to take any anti-inflammatory drugs. This will reduce the pain and the swelling. You can always buy any of these drugs from health stores near you at cheap rates. Use ice cubes or ice packs to minimize the swelling and pain. Wrap the ice bags in towel and apply it on the affected area for five minutes after every three hours. This will greatly relieve the pain and will make you feel much better. Then rest the muscles of your legs for two or three days. This will reduce the pain and will quicken the healing process. Note that pinched nerves always heal by themselves. However, if your nerve was pinched for a long time the symptoms may take time before they can go as there could be actual nerve damage. In such a case physical therapy is alas the best method of treatment anyone can use. If the pain is too much, then clinical treatment may be required. You may have to undergo a nerve test called EMG which will provide the doctors with damage extent and which form of treatment will be the best in your case. 
 Answered By: Administrator On 14 Aug 2011 

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