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 My hair is falling out in separate places and I have tried medication and it has proven to be futile. I belive it's fungus. What are some of the home remedies I can use to restore my hair? (1) - 09 Jan 2012
While scalp fungus cannot be completely
 i want tips for hair loss and hair growth pl suggest me and now i am using vatika shampoo (1) - 06 Jan 2012
Preventing hair loss is actually the
 I have male pattern baldness. I've been using Minoxidil for years but lately it seems like it isn't working very well. Are there any other options? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Male pattern baldness is also termed
 I need something to make hair grow back fast (1) - 19 Dec 2011
Stress poor dietary intake and certain
 How do you get you're baby's hair texture back once it has been stripped from grown ups shampoo (1) - 10 Dec 2011
If the hair of your baby
 I am 49yrs, i have hair loss problem,my hair is thinning onboth sides,i have some baldnes.what con i do for my hair grow back. Pla give me home remedy. (1) - 23 Nov 2011
Unfortunately there is no magic cure
 Hello, m having lots of hair fall... What should i do 2 stop it from falling...... (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Hair fall can be due to
 Home or Natural Remedies to regrow hair (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Honey is one of the best
 hi..! my namez noor nd m 14 nd i am having a lot of dandruff in my hair.. and it gets oily very soon. can u plz suggest something?? i'll be very grateful to u.. :) thnx! (1) - 28 Oct 2011
A paste made from fenugreek seeds
 Am 24 yrs old. I've not grown beard and mustache(this is not a genetic problem). I do get hairs on my upper lip area, chin and cheeks but the hairs are not denser enough to be seen. They are light and grow very slowly.Can you suggest me any solution? (1) - 09 Oct 2011
Use a mixture of lime juice
 how to avoid temple hair loss and make the new hair grow again,thereby reducing hair line..?? (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Start by asking your doctor to
 whats good for hair loss (1) - 27 Sep 2011
Home remedy for hair loss stars
 my hair is thinning what can i do at home to prevent hair loss (1) - 09 Sep 2011
The best home treatment for thinning
 hair is rapidly loosing what to do? (1) - 30 Aug 2011
The best way to stop hair
 I have severe hair loss past 6 mon. Doctor advised low ferritin levels & 8 now to 22 after taking supplements for last 4 months. I have dry patches where there is thinning hair. What to do (naturally) to nurse my hair back to health and help it grow back? (1) - 27 Aug 2011
The best home treatment has something
 i want to grow my hair long and strong tell me simple home remedy that can grow my hair fast and healthy k thanks (1) - 18 Aug 2011
If your diet is well balanced
 my hair line is thinning day by day. iam 42 years old. i got complete bald head. after that also my hair is thinning what i have to do regain my hair (1) - 13 Aug 2011
If your baldness is hereditary then
 how can i overcome my thin hair problem (1) - 07 Jul 2011
Pregnancy illness improper diet stress and
 Im also losing hair. How can I get my hair back full and pretty?? (1) - 05 Jul 2011
There could be a number of
 what is the best for regrowth hair ? (1) - 06 Jun 2011
Thanks for contacting home remedy haven
 I have thinning hair on top. What are some things that would help make hair grow back? (0) - 02 Jan 2010
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