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 When u sweat in the middle of your breast ? (1) - 13 Jan 2012
Forget stuffing your bra with tissues
 home remedy for black pathes in nose and cheeks after pregnacy. also tell about white dots comes on nails by which reason? (1) - 29 Dec 2011
The brownish or yellowish patches are
 Why r my lips turning black. Is ther anything I can use to bring color back. (1) - 19 Dec 2011
There are a number of reasons
 naturally my complexion is fair but in winter it gets darker n darker i want some home remedy for the maintenance of my fair color specially for feet and hands (1) - 16 Dec 2011
Apply the following treatment on your
 Will these freckle remedies really work,and how long will it take? (1) - 16 Nov 2011
There are two basic types of
Home remedies for hair removal are
 i have got dark lips....means ends of my lips are mch dark...wot 2 do?? (1) - 24 Oct 2011
Smoking is one of the major
 how can i get rid of yellow teeth (1) - 14 Oct 2011
Of all the home remedies for
 how to get rid of split ends of hair (1) - 11 Oct 2011
Medically known as trichoptilosis split ends
 What can I do about puffy eyes (1) - 12 Sep 2011
Puffy eyes are often caused by
 we have alot of iron in our well water, and is turning my hair orange, how can I get the orange out without coloring my hair (1) - 04 Sep 2011
The only way out is to
 Female hairloss (1) - 31 Aug 2011
If your diet is nutritious and
 how do i make sty go away within the next 4-7 hours (1) - 06 Aug 2011
Your body can get rid of
 i dont have much money actually i am a child, but i have a problem. My hair wont grow i wash it every three days and i comb my hair out everyday but no results. How can i make it grow? (1) - 05 Aug 2011
It is not good for you
 wat can i do gor pigmentations they r on my upper cheeks and i have darkcircles olso (1) - 01 Aug 2011
The skin around your eyes is
 How can you help your hair grow faster? (1) - 26 Jul 2011
The best way to fasten hair
 what would help eye lashes grow, and brown spots or age spots (1) - 22 Jul 2011
It all depends with what caused
 hi i m 24years old.i have some acane marks of my face and dull without glow kind of skin.what should i do for very effective and instant result. (1) - 07 Jul 2011
Well there is only one solution
 my name is Sehreen and i am 23 years old, i have alot of white hair that dosent look good, although i havent use any hair color but this problem is increasing day by day. please suggest me a good remedy so that i can get rid of this problem, thank you.. (1) - 06 Jul 2011
It is normal for hair to
 What is the ingredients to prepare my own ice pack (1) - 16 Jun 2011
Preparing your own ice pack is
 What can I use for longer and more eyelashes. I'm 60. At age 50 they were fine. (1) - 14 Jun 2011
There are extensions and eyelashes transplants
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