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 My son was 2 in July last year, and ever since giving birth i and other members of my family have found that my temper is much shorter than before, I am normally a chilled out and realy didnt let things get to me, could this be a hormone imbalance? Lisa (1) - 20 Jan 2012
Yes it could actually be hormonal
 after having a hysterectomy and ovaries removed 17 years ago my wife as been tired,no energy,depresed, and much more is there anything she can do or take to alleviate these symptoms (she is 62 (1) - 11 Jan 2012
Most of the hysterectomy side effects
 i am 33 i brestfeed my newborn equaly from each brest but one is now larger then the other and seems to produce more milk. This is my sixth brestfed child and this has never happened before is there anything i can do to balance things out (1) - 03 Jan 2012
Breast problems after breastfeeding are common
 My daughter and I both have severe menstrual cramps. We also both have this strange, painful, dull bad cramp that runs down our left leg, sometimes both. What causes the strange leg cramps? (1) - 01 Jan 2012
Leg cramps during menstruation are pains
 i am 5 months pregnant with what started out as ear drainage turned into eye and sinus mucus. what do i do? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Any infection including ear infection during
 home remedy for leucoria problem. (1) - 29 Dec 2011
Leucorrhoea commonly known as whites refers
 i have been having re-accurances of yeast infection and i have used creams and antibiotics what do i do (1) - 26 Dec 2011
Garlic should be your ultimate home
 how to regular irregular periods ? (1) - 12 Dec 2011
When you are looking to find
 can you get pregnant when you stop having periods (1) - 07 Dec 2011
Yes you can. Pregnancy results from
 I have removed my gall bladder.Then I am suffering from gastritis pain.Suggest me what diet should be taken? (1) - 02 Dec 2011
Eliminate any food type that is
 What should I do if I haven't had a period in 4 months? I have taken 3 home pregnancy tests and all have come back negative. (1) - 25 Nov 2011
It is not uncommon for a
Sorry about the pain and thank
 what can i do to stop the burning from genital herpies (1) - 19 Nov 2011
When it comes to unfortunate physical
 i keep bleeding after a regular menstral cycle. why (1) - 18 Nov 2011
If you are post menopausal or
 Terrible pain in my right lower side? (Female). Last night there was a throbbing pain in my left, now it hurts terrible on my right lower side, I feel like vomiting. What is it? (1) - 16 Nov 2011
That is most likely to be
 I was told to take a bath with hydrogen peroxide to treat bacterial vaginitis. How much peroxide would you put in the bath? (1) - 11 Nov 2011
The commom theory behind using hydrogen
 How many times a day do you drink the 4 tables spoons of lemon only in the morning or three times a day? For Gall stones... (1) - 09 Nov 2011
Gallstones are calcified bile usually surrounding
 pulling lower back muscles (1) - 31 Oct 2011
To treat pulled lower back muscles
 do i eat the yogert for yeast infection or do iinsert it into the vagina? (1) - 30 Oct 2011
You can actually do both. But
 Hi, I have burning urine and an odor coming from the urine. No discharge, the burning went away with water and urinary tract pills but it's day 3 and it's back. Any suggestions? (1) - 29 Oct 2011
Drinking sufficient amount of fluids in
 18 yrld.girl throwing up, stomuck pains,tighting around her stomuck and fever (1) - 25 Oct 2011
Thank you for contacting Home Remedy
 can i workout with a yeast infection? (1) - 21 Oct 2011
Yes you can work out with
 home remedie for bladder infection/urinary tract infectiong (1) - 14 Oct 2011
Start by adjusting you diet. Increase
 what is lobular uterus? (1) - 11 Oct 2011
Simply put is uterine thickening that
 my age is 22 (female ) i have a white discharge on my panty almost thrice a day.what is it .is it normal ? it smells bad too. what can i do ?not to have it,,, (1) - 11 Oct 2011
It could be a yeast infection
 can stress effect your period even if you on the pill? (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Yes it can. Stress is one
 how to postpone a period (1) - 03 Oct 2011
Postponing menses is a very tricky
 cure or help for women with excessive male testosterone (1) - 02 Oct 2011
The best way to deal with
 What kind of yogurt to use for a yeast infection? (1) - 30 Sep 2011
Just plain Yoplait yogurt is good
 If u have unprotected sex several times over a few days then use a condom with a spermacide, will that kill the sperm remaining in the vagina from the previous days? (1) - 29 Sep 2011
Spermicides are only effective when used
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