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 I am sorry if I bother you but I just do not no what to do. About 3 weeks ago I had blader surgrey and they went up my penis ever since then my penis has been hurting Please help me if you can Thank You (1) - 06 Feb 2012
Complications associated with penis pain depend
 my blood pressure is 145 / 72 I take lisinopril 10 mg daily should i go to the hospital I have a doctors appointment tommorow at 3pm (1) - 23 Jan 2012
If you have any medical condition
 i get sharp sansations on my tommy area like pins and needles that come and go but sometimes go away for weeks (1) - 06 Jan 2012
Abdominal pains which are severe and
 What is the best way natural for depression medication (1) - 19 Dec 2011
St. Johns wort is perhaps the
 I just do not understand what is going on with me but I am haveing urine problems. I am driping urine a little and I cannot seem to empty my bladder Can you please help me? (1) - 14 Dec 2011
You are suffering from urinary incontinence
 Why does my penis burn when I urineate? (1) - 13 Dec 2011
Regrettably you have either a bladder
 dry mouth, dehydration (1) - 18 Nov 2011
Dry mouth medically referred to as
 my stools recently are a dark green colour. I have no pain though. Is there something possibly wrong with me? (1) - 16 Nov 2011
Is one of the major reasons
 is a blood pressure of 163 over 99 an emergency? (1) - 15 Nov 2011
It is almost always not an
 flem in chest coughing none stop (1) - 05 Nov 2011
Coughing is a reflex action. It
 how do I get my sex drive back (1) - 16 Oct 2011
Besides dietary changes that you can
 Difficult sometimes painful urination, loss of bladder and bowl control (1) - 16 Oct 2011
You most likely have a urinary
 Is there certain foods or supplements that are for liver health? (1) - 23 Sep 2011
Yes there are food and supplements
 what can I take to help with gout? (1) - 17 Sep 2011
Gout is essentially a form of
 Piles (1) - 04 Sep 2011
Piles normally results due to swelling
 If you have jock itch is there also a odor with it ? (1) - 22 Aug 2011
Jock is more popular for the
 quit smoking is there a natural cure (1) - 15 Aug 2011
The first step towards quitting smoking
 What can I do to help my husband's inguinal hernia naturally? (1) - 30 Jul 2011
An inguinal hernia can only be
 Since one week , i have erectile dysfunction and its not recovering , what should i do , my wife is worried and me too. I cant get it strong and premature ejaculation (1) - 27 Jul 2011
The most common causes of erectile
 hello, for past 20 days, Im not having much tast on the tongue of the food that i eat. when im done eating after 20 mins later have mucus to trow out. I also have acid reflux. This all ben going on for a while , what can i do to make this better. plz help (1) - 21 Jul 2011
The best way to deal with
 leg cramps remedies (1) - 06 Jul 2011
The first thing you can do
 How do you prevent leg cramps (1) - 06 Jul 2011
To effectively prevent leg cramps you
 What do I do about a pain that comes and goes in my chest?? (1) - 05 Jul 2011
Chest pains can be a symptom
 chest muscle pull (1) - 17 Jun 2011
Unfortunately there is no quick cure
 urine retention (1) - 13 Jun 2011
Anyone can experience urine retention but
 Hello doctor, my right testics under the penis hangs lower than left one. Is that cuase any serious problem for me. I am going to married in next few months. How to cause this problem?. detailed answer for me. (1) - 06 Jun 2011
There is nothing abnormal with one
 what remedies for swollen feet (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Swollen feet can be brought about
 One enlarged testicle. Not orchitis! (1) - 02 Jun 2011
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