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 hi,my mother has high b.p and diabetes problem, please suggest me how to control both diseases? and please tell me her diet plan her last diabetes checked was 300 and b.p 140, your's kashif. (1) - 06 Dec 2011
Aim for a varied menu including
 home vegitarian remedy for vitamin d deficiency (1) - 25 Nov 2011
The body needs vitamin D in
 what should i eat to help get rid of too much protien in urine? (1) - 28 Oct 2011
Diet factors heavily into managing kidney
 my little 5 year old has lost alot of weight,she has no appetite.what can i do,dont want to use syrups and all. (0) - 26 Sep 2011
 what is celeac (1) - 23 Sep 2011
The term cannot be used on
 Colon cleansing (1) - 18 Sep 2011
There are two main colon cleansing
 what foods can i eat to avoid gas pains (1) - 31 Aug 2011
Avoid dairy products dried foods and
 how can I control herpes (1) - 27 Aug 2011
Start by first adjusting your diet
 I'm looking for help with anxiety (1) - 27 Aug 2011
You should first note that anxiety
 What is the best exercise method (1) - 10 Aug 2011
Exercising is good for the body.
 How do you get rid of strech marks? (1) - 26 Jul 2011
It is possible to get rid
 Is there any thing i can do for Rest less leg syndrome (1) - 28 Jun 2011
Thanks for contacting Home remedy haven
 What is a natural diet for a Diabetic patient? (1) - 25 Jun 2011
Any diabetic patient should watch what
 Is there a home remedy for stomach inflammation? (1) - 24 Jun 2011
Stomach inflammation occurs when the lining
 help for Urinary Track Infection (1) - 04 Jun 2011
Urinary tract infection treatments are usually
 What kind of diet do I need to follow to loose weight? (0) - 10 May 2011
 What could i have (natural) to help reduce the inflammation if i have IBD. I was prescribed with prednisone but i'd prefer not to take drugs, but i've had diarrhea for a month!!! and i've been trying to follow a diet but nothing seems to stop the malaise (0) - 16 Jan 2010
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