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 i am allergic to fish what should do without going to the doctor (1) - 21 Jan 2012
A seafood allergy is a condition
 I have a rash on my body, on the hot spots. What can I take? or use? Are there any home remedies I can take? Do I need to take antibiotics? (1) - 02 Jan 2012
At the best of times genital
 how doI treat intense skin itching? (1) - 28 Dec 2011
You must first find what is
 sun letigen (dark brown pigmentation only on one cheek) and freckles.Home remedy please! (1) - 15 Dec 2011
Dark spots and patches on the
 how can i get rid of facial and body blemishes? (1) - 14 Dec 2011
Unlike what many people think it
 what is best to get rid of red blemishes? (1) - 09 Dec 2011
Boil 1 cup of water. Add
 my eyes are puffy and the skin of the lids and undereye area is dry and cracking. What can I do for this? What is causing it? (1) - 04 Dec 2011
Puffy red eyes can make you
 HOW DO i get rid of dark circles under the eyes? (1) - 01 Dec 2011
Dark circles beneath the eyes are
 hello dear, i have burn skin by bleach near the chin and some small black spot in that face is white but my chin area is black.what should i do. i am using on my face only ST IVES ALOE & CHAMOMILE MOISTURIZERS nothing else. asap. (1) - 20 Nov 2011
Bleach burns often leaves behind stubborn
 How do you cure dried cracked cuticuls on fingers and toes? (1) - 13 Nov 2011
Dry and cracked cuticles are caused
 i have red pimple on face give me best home remedies (1) - 09 Nov 2011
A healthy diet and lots of
 Hello, on my face lots of black head started 2 appear...... Wat should i do? (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Blackheads are caused due to over
 tell me the home remedy for facial hair (1) - 02 Nov 2011
Even though electrolysis serves as the
 which is the best lotion o cream to get beautiful hands and legs. (1) - 31 Oct 2011
Fresh Citron de Vigne Body Lotion
 i have used meth by mainlining and now my arm is swelling with little sores. what can i do to fix this problem (1) - 31 Oct 2011
While many injuries to the arm
 Would it help to put a cool wet towel on chicken pox ? (1) - 30 Oct 2011
Yes it will help but there
 Female,24 yrs old,My Face Hands Feet R Tanned &dark frm rest of my body but am vry Fair i tried many remediz bt of no use Plz Guide me thru da most efectiv Remedy in ordr 2Remove SunTan asap Waitin4Sooner&Detailed Respnse (1) - 29 Oct 2011
External factors like harsh soaps and
 for removing black scares (1) - 29 Oct 2011
When acne lesions heal dark spot
 I have scar of pimples,and blackheads on my cheeks,what to do???????? (1) - 24 Oct 2011
When blackheads are found on the
 I have lots of pus pimples on my face and old dark marks on my cheeks, which home remedy should i use to clear my face completely? I use sandal wood but no change (1) - 14 Oct 2011
You should first check on the
 how do u get rid of a staph infection at home when u cant get to the doctors (1) - 09 Oct 2011
Heat is one of the best
 Okay, so, I have this wart on my hand in the middle of my middle finger (palm side up) and I've looked all over on the internet for remidies, alternatives ect. but all I can find is genital warts. Any solutions? (1) - 07 Oct 2011
Simply put warts are skin growths
 Scabies (1) - 06 Oct 2011
Most scabies natural cures comprise of
 some major tips for stop pimples (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Apply lemon or orange peel pounded
 what is a home rememdy for a Pilonidal cyst? (1) - 28 Sep 2011
Start with a healthy diet. Make
 The skin in and around my armpits is darker than anywhere else, how can I lighten it? (1) - 27 Sep 2011
Dark armpits are normally caused by
 how too treat a boil (1) - 26 Sep 2011
Boils can heal by themselves without
 If i have a chafing and redness above my pant line. IS this something to worry about? i have used e45 and cannesten but it is not doing anything, (1) - 24 Sep 2011
You should not worry too much
 best for poson ivy (1) - 21 Sep 2011
The first thing you should do
 how to stop fleas from biting me (1) - 20 Sep 2011
First use frontline or another flea
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