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 My Gums are bleeding nonstop,what should I use to stop this from hsppening? (1) - 22 Jan 2012
Bleeding gums is a common problem
 no female orgasm (1) - 22 Jan 2012
Simply put you are suffering from
 ibs remedies (1) - 17 Jan 2012
Take peppermint oil in enteric coated
 I have severe nerve damage in my spine. It starts at neck all the way down. What can I use home remedy wise?? Have gone to several docs and no relief of pain. I vomit on chiropractors. (1) - 12 Jan 2012
There are several simple home remedies
 what is a good remedy for fluid in your ear (1) - 11 Jan 2012
The easiest way to remove fluid
 child who is 5 still wets bed at night. Is there a natural solution for problem? (1) - 10 Jan 2012
There are home remedies to help
 is there something i can take to ease the pain for gout during an attack other then diet ? (1) - 09 Jan 2012
Faithfully taking any medications prescribed by
 i gave her vipro plus 3 weeks ago and she was getting well but then got worse since i run out the vipro for a week. i started giving her the vipro again last week. what should i give to reduce the nerve pain? she is paralysed now. (1) - 09 Jan 2012
Please do not try to handle
 What can I take for hair loss due to hypothyroid? I have been taking Armour, 1 grain for about 1 year or more. (1) - 06 Jan 2012
There are vitamins minerals and herbs
 I was told that you can treat a planters wart by soaking and removing the dead tissue. Then using a clear nail polish over the area to smother it. But that it would take a while to see results. Same as the over the counter treatments. Is this true? (1) - 03 Jan 2012
That process can be painful but
 What's a remedy for pre period depression, crying etc? (1) - 03 Jan 2012
A woman going through PMS usually
 my 7yr. Old son has been complaining of his chest hurting (1) - 20 Dec 2011
Chest pains in children are common
 Need to know there a good reliable home remedy for a spider bite? Something I can put on it to make it get better? (1) - 17 Dec 2011
Venom of most spiders causes an
 what to do for swollen sore gums or abscess tooth (1) - 03 Dec 2011
An abscess occurs when tooth decay
 Ear Ache (1) - 22 Nov 2011
An earache can be bothersome particularly
 How do I lower my LDL Cholesterol? (1) - 18 Nov 2011
High levels of low density lipoprotein
 are there any holistic alternatives for Alzheimers Disease?? I heard everything from Vit. D to Coconut Oil.. Does any stand a chance of helping??? (1) - 17 Nov 2011
Alzheimers disease is currently the most
 substitute for lisenopril, and carvedilol (1) - 15 Nov 2011
There are several alternatives to lisinopril
 lower back pain (1) - 14 Nov 2011
There are so many different reasons
 Are there any sytoms to having high bloodpressure (1) - 11 Nov 2011
Most people do not have any
 Is there an ointment for mouth sores? (painful cuts and pimples inside mouth) (1) - 10 Nov 2011
Mouth sores are caused by lack
 I m hving discharge problem from last year and nw it hv change its colour n it som time smells also. So wat medicine do i reli need 2 eat.... (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Smelly vaginal discharge is a common
 is there a natural way to combate sinusitis (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of
 Is there an ointment one can make at home for burns? (1) - 03 Nov 2011
Yes there is. This ointment recipe
 Ihave 18yr old daughter diagnosed with infected adenoids. she sings very well. we believe that voice undergoes definite change after adenoidectomy and therefore are not inclined towards it. Pl. advise a way out. (1) - 30 Oct 2011
Your child may come home from
 i have a sore in my mouth after i ate somethin which i can not recall, i took bendry it did not work. my toung edge is very very soure is there any home remedies i can take thank you mahlet (1) - 29 Oct 2011
Illness medications dental appliances and even
 what are the remedy for cold sores on lips and chin? (1) - 28 Oct 2011
Cold sores are caused by the
 Whatbr some Sinus infections home remedies or prevention routines? (1) - 27 Oct 2011
Prevention and treatment largely depend on
 are there any home remedies for treating scarlet fever? (1) - 25 Oct 2011
Scarlet fever is a highly contagious
 medicine for initial dangue fever (1) - 25 Oct 2011
Dengue fever is one of the
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