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 have snail or slugs ever been used as a skin remedy? (1) - 20 Jan 2012
Please note that there are so
 Baby nappy rash (1) - 17 Jan 2012
Diaper rash can be an issue
 You have a remedy for scabies that involves tea tree oil and witch hazel, how often and how long are you suppose to apply this to your skin? (1) - 24 Dec 2011
Mix 10 ml or tea tree
 I have a rash on my arms, back and chest with brown crust in it and im kindof losing weight. Can you tell me is im african american too. (1) - 23 Dec 2011
Outbreaks of this sort are usually
 Jalapeno juice burn (1) - 11 Dec 2011
Taking the sting out of a
 i have eczema so when i use cream advantan it make achne on my face. What should i do? (1) - 11 Dec 2011
If your eczema has persisted for
 How to bring a boil or risen to a head (1) - 07 Dec 2011
Bringing a boil to a head
 I ve marks on my face & whiteheads too on my nose, & my skin s too dry, kindly suggest me the best home remedy. (1) - 05 Dec 2011
A mixture of kaffir lime leaves
 Extream itching on both arms,from wrist to elbow,a small open circe,like a small open sore that itches real bad.Sometimes untill it bleeds,I have now idea what it is ,help i itch !! (1) - 04 Dec 2011
It could be possible that you
 How to treat cuts (1) - 04 Dec 2011
Using a clean cloth to apply
 I have a half dollar size boil on my upper inner thigh hurts like hell very red and hot should I go to the emergency room (1) - 20 Nov 2011
The common cause for boils on
 why does my skin feel like it has creepy crawlers all over it? (1) - 13 Nov 2011
You are likely to be suffering
 How can I remove anal skin tags? (1) - 08 Nov 2011
Anal skin tags usually start due
 i have pimple on my oily skin. but my skin gets very dry in winter. so suggest me a long lasting winter cream. which can not harm my skin. (1) - 31 Oct 2011
Winter in many locations brings extreme
 fingers get splits just below fingernail, very sore, have tried antibiotic salve, peroxide, very hard to heal (1) - 24 Oct 2011
The best home remedy for split
 I am looking for a treatment for a boil. I believe in the past I had read about a way to draw out the infection. (1) - 24 Oct 2011
Boils can heal by themselves in
 I recently got off my acne treatment using: minocycline, clindamycin and retin-A. I wash my face twice a day using a face wash with no acne medication like salicylic acid. And I started breaking out again. What do I do? (1) - 11 Oct 2011
It could be that you are
 My skin has dark spot. Please suggest for smooth and without dark spot clear skin (1) - 07 Oct 2011
You should first check on the
 how can i remove small skin tags (1) - 27 Sep 2011
If you need to have them
 what to put on kids to keep away mosquitos natrual (1) - 22 Sep 2011
The best way to keep mosquitoes
 How do you get rid of ringworms? (1) - 20 Sep 2011
Raw papaya is one of the
 how can I get rid off a old facial scar (1) - 06 Sep 2011
It really depends with what caused
 For years i've been fighting a kind of rash that has little blistes and swells and itches and cuts. Its usually on my hands which comes and go but when it comes it hurts bleed and itches . ] dont have insurance or money to go to see a dr. Help i (1) - 03 Sep 2011
There are several possible causes for
 i ich all over my body day and night same i think it due of dry skin or stress especially my stomach it geting worst. i can not get any sleep all night , please what can i do need home remedy (1) - 29 Aug 2011
The itchiness could be as a
 I suddenly came down with what looks like alomost a zit on the inside on my eyelid, in the corner closest to the nose. How can i make it go away? Its very psinfull snd mskes it hard to see or blink. PLease help. Thank you. (1) - 29 Aug 2011
Zits normally begin just as small
 whats good for ingrown hair in a beard swelling (1) - 23 Aug 2011
Try to grow a beard and
 natural remendy to shrink large nose pores (1) - 19 Aug 2011
Before resorting to any home remedies
 i have facial hair on my it possibble to get rid of them permanantly (1) - 19 Aug 2011
Facial hairs can be extremely embarrassing
 Can cornstarch work on a baby draper rash? (1) - 16 Aug 2011
Yes it can work well on
 how do u get rid of a cold sore quick (2) - 16 Aug 2011
Simply rub ice on the infected
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