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 i dont know what to do. i feel vcery sick and i cant even drink water without wanting to throw up! i havent thrown up yet because im trying to avoid it. i have like pain and i think its stomach flu but i cant eat anything without wanting to puke? heelpp?? (1) - 23 Jan 2012
Please do not ignore such symptoms.
 my upper eye lid is swallen what can i do to treat this/ (1) - 15 Jan 2012
Swollen upper eyelids are a sign
 What can I do for severe heart burn? (1) - 13 Jan 2012
While chewing gum and vinegar are
 how to makd a homade coffee enema (1) - 08 Jan 2012
Grind 2 to 4 coffee tablespoons.Boil
 Dry mouth cure (1) - 07 Jan 2012
Look for the source of the
 What is OK to eat when you have diarrhea? (1) - 30 Dec 2011
Until the diarrhea stops it is
 whats the best way to help an upset stomach (1) - 24 Dec 2011
If you know what is causing
 I've had acute laryingitis for 8 weeks now. I have tried numerous methods including complete voice rest for 5 days and need to find another approach to getting my voice back. Can you recommend something? (1) - 21 Dec 2011
The actual home treatment for laryngitis
 home remedy for soar scratchy throat (1) - 18 Dec 2011
While a sore scratchy throat maybe
 What can I do when I wake up with my hands tingling and hurting because they've fallen asleep? (1) - 08 Dec 2011
Numbness in the hands is a
 I am in middle school, and am very obnoxious. My friends often think that I am annoying, and I haven't had a boyfriend in a while. Can I get something to help me or calm me for the whole day, or some techniques to help? Please? (1) - 08 Dec 2011
You could be obnoxious as you
 i get difficulties in breathing and my heart tends to beat fasters and aches wenever i do exercises.what is the home remedie for this? (1) - 26 Nov 2011
If you are exercising and experience
 i have black heads between my thighs and sometyms they swell and i get difficulties in walking.plz send me a home remedie for this. (1) - 26 Nov 2011
Your kitchen is the place to
 132/97 blood pressure is this normal for an old lady with high blood pressure (1) - 21 Nov 2011
Blood pressure is an important vital
 im currently struggling with my tummy all the time expecially my left side ineed help pls (1) - 21 Nov 2011
It is good that you have
 what should be consumed when taken a sleeping pill over dose what type of herbal drink or food to clear out the system ? (1) - 15 Nov 2011
Many famous celebrities have passed away
 How do you soothe a raspy throat? (1) - 13 Nov 2011
Throat hoarseness may or may not
 whats a home remedy for an ear infection (1) - 10 Nov 2011
There are two main types of
 On my right butt cheek near the crack the skin is hard, swollen, a darkish color, and sore. What could this be? (1) - 05 Nov 2011
That sounds like hemorrhoids in its
 Hello, my problem is m having sty on my eyes.. Its comes n goes after 3 days but it still continues once or twice in a year. So is there any home remedies for this problem...... (1) - 04 Nov 2011
When you get an eye sty
 Fluid around knee area, not due to external injury...home treatment? (1) - 04 Nov 2011
Give sufficient rest to the knee
 How much of each vitamin must be taken each day (1) - 04 Nov 2011
To help people better understand the
 my heart always beat fasteverytime when someone hurts me or something makes me feel depressed.It really hurts and I feel like something on it and feel difficult to breath( about1year now) and a low of memory that recently happened to me in these weeks. (1) - 02 Nov 2011
Thank you for contacting Home Remedy
 how to natural increase the size of my breast (1) - 28 Oct 2011
Start by exercising your chest muscles.
 My wife aged 70 years. Night times she will be discharging foul gas which cannot be tolerated. What is the remedy in Ayurveda (1) - 25 Oct 2011
Excessive flatulence odor and excessive gas
 the bone on my wrist that leads up to the thumb is tender, and it hurts when I use the thumb in different ways. (1) - 22 Oct 2011
You may have picked an injury
 18 yr.old dachshund has ear infection (1) - 18 Oct 2011
A warm bag of salt can
 my 11 year old going into middle school has a fear about las t period that we will not be there to pick him up. he does not want to go to school in morning. please help be there to pick him up. (1) - 14 Oct 2011
From the age of around eight
 What is the home remedy for a urinary tract or bladder infection? (1) - 08 Oct 2011
Start by adjusting you diet. Increase
 what home treatment is used for nail fungus infections? (1) - 07 Oct 2011
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