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 burning pain in wrist (1) - 19 Jan 2012
Apart from injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 I have a sore on my lip that won't heal. Tried natural oils, vaseline, dry's out over nite and then breaks open again. been 2mos. help (1) - 31 Dec 2011
Mouth and lip sores are stubborn
 if one year old boy swallowed vape matt mosquitto medicine what can i do (1) - 28 Dec 2011
Call a doctor. The usual class
 Bursitis Treatment (1) - 08 Dec 2011
The primary reason for bursitis is
 i banged my right temple 3days ago, i felt sick n dizzys for a while but wasnt sick, then the next day the pain started to go down my face and now it feels like i have ear acke. when i woke up this morning i found lumps like blissers on my ear (1) - 02 Nov 2011
Any head injury should be taken
 My knee all the sudden in the night swelled up and I cnt walk on it wat happen (1) - 27 Oct 2011
Edema or swelling of a knee
 I was stung by a stingray while surfing off the California coast. What remedies do I need to use. I only want HOMEOPATHIC, no drugs at all! (1) - 23 Oct 2011
Much of the damage from a
 sore and large bump on throat after being strangled (1) - 12 Oct 2011
Relaxation in many forms from alcohol
 Is there a home remedy for a hernia? (1) - 05 Oct 2011
Unfortunately there is no home remedy
 how to get blood infection from your body (1) - 29 Sep 2011
Septicemia popularly known as blood infection
 hip injury, how to heal? (1) - 22 Sep 2011
For any joint injury including the
 How do I stop my hands from burning from jalapeno juice (1) - 19 Sep 2011
The best remedy for burning as
 What is good for cerebral palsy (1) - 16 Sep 2011
The type of treatment for cerebral
 My son has a swelling on his back, is there any home remedy for this? (1) - 08 Sep 2011
There are so many home remedies
 what is best for curing blackeyes (1) - 04 Sep 2011
First use ice cubes or anything
 what to do for an infected cat bite (1) - 02 Sep 2011
The first thing you have to
 i slept funny last night and my neck is very sore. If I turn a certain way it really hurts (1) - 01 Sep 2011
Do not be worried with the
 How do you pop a blood blister (1) - 28 Aug 2011
Blood blisters normally form when subdermal
 should I go to the emergency room for a broken thumb? (1) - 23 Aug 2011
No you do not have to
 what can you do for welding burns to your eyes? (1) - 13 Aug 2011
The best thing you can do
 how to get rid of dirt that got inside my eye when i was cleaning. (1) - 08 Aug 2011
Eyes are very sensitive. Occasionally the
 How do you get rid of ear aches (1) - 06 Aug 2011
There are several causes for ear
 how can i drain the fluid out of my nee? (1) - 01 Aug 2011
In as much as there may
 what to do about to much protien in urinew (1) - 31 Jul 2011
The medical term of too much
 what to do when a bug flies into your eye and make your eye swollen? (1) - 14 Jul 2011
The first thing to do is
 what to use if you want to heal a skin burn fast? (1) - 06 Jul 2011
You should immediately put cold water
 flash burns to eyes (1) - 05 Jul 2011
Thanks for contacting Home Remedy Haven
 how do i relieve the pain of a pinched nerve in my leg (1) - 03 Jul 2011
The first thing you need to
 possible cracked ribs in elderly woman (1) - 27 Jun 2011
Cracked ribs can be very painful
 face smashed into the side of a pool. I hurt my lip. It hurt like really really bad. The lip doesn't hurt anymore. But it has a bruise/cut and its swelling a lot, but it has gone down a bit. Any fast ways I can fix it? (1) - 17 Jun 2011
Thanks for contacting home remedy haven
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