The Home Remedy Haven Health Directory is a list of websites and business that are related to home remedies, holistic medicine or alternative health and wellness. The websites and information listed here is not necessarily affiliated with Home Remedy Haven, and therefore we cannot guarantee the safety of any site listed.

Please read our terms and conditions for more information. With that said, we take extra precautions to validate each and every website that we list and most if not all are excellent sources of home remedy information and home remedy products.

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Find acupuncture clinics and services, acupuncture needles and supplies, and certified Chinese acupuncturists.
Alternative Health
Find professional alternative health practitioners, clinics and alternative health products, herbs and medicines.
Listings for everything aromatherapy including aromatherapy diffusers, baths, candles and other aromatherapy products and services.
Astrology sign charts, horoscopes and certified astrologers are listed here. Get an online astrology reading!
View our complete listings of ayurvedic medicines, practitioners, ayurvedic herbs, treatments and supplies.
Huge inventory of medical books including home remedy books, natural healing books, holistic medicine and alternative health books.
Directory of chiropractors, chiropractor clinics and chiropractic information, schools and supplies.
Directory listing for life coaching, career and business coaching, relationship coaches and more.
Find healing crystals and gemstones, natural healing guides and healing stones in our Crystals directory.
Find listings for natural diet pills, diet plans and weight loss diets in our convenient diet directory.
Ear Candling
Our ear candling directory has multiple resources for ear candling products, ear candling wax removal techniques and more.
Directory of natural healing education centers focusing on alternative healing, holistics, homeopathy, naturopathy and more.
EFT directory focusing on emotional freedom techniques, schools and clinics. Find EFT books and guides.
Energy Healing
Energy healing directory for energy therapy books, clinics and healing energy practitioners.
Fasting and Cleansing
Directory for internal cleansing and fasting including colon, kidney and body cleanses and cleansing.
Gemstone Therapy
Browse our directory of gemstones, gemstone therapy guides and gemstone therapy practices.
Health Products
Browse our natural health products and health care products directory to find vendors, health products and more.
Our herbalism directory for herbal medicines, herbal treatments, clinics and information.
Holistic Medicine
Browse our holistic medicine listings including practitioners, clinics, holistic healing books and information.
Homeopathic treatments, remedies and healing is the focus of this directory of homeopathics.
Light Therapy
Directory covering all light therapy techniques including red, blue and infrared light therapy techniques.
Magnetic Therapy
View our magnetic therapy directory featuring magnetic field pain therapy clinics, products jewelry and more.
Massage therapy directory featuring massage treatments, massage clinics, massage therapist schools and more.
Meditation techniques and practitioners as well as meditation poses, schools and books.
Naturopathics directory with a focus on naturopathic medicines, treatments and alternative healing techniques form Home Remedy Haven's Health Directory.
Nutrition directory for nutrition resources, nutritionists, vitamin information and more.
Organic foods, products, clothing and more are highlighted in our organic directory.
Oriental Bodywork
Oriental body work and it's various zero balance practices, supplies and practitioners.
Ozone Therapy
Ozone and Oxygen therapy directory focusing on clinics, treatment methods and ozonotherapy supplies.
Pain Relief
Pain relief directory focusing on stress management, pain relievers, natural pain remedies and alternate pain management.
Pet health, nutrition and organic products are featured in this pet health directory.
Find doctors and physicians who can provide conventional and natural alternative medicines and practices.
Need a reflexology clinic? Perhaps just a reflexology book or chart for the hands or feet? Visit our reflexology directory.
Find Reiki Masters, training and schools as well as Reiki books and guides to healing.
Skin Care Products
Total skin care listings including aging skin care, natural skin care products, skin care cosmetics and more.
Stress Management
Learn how to manage stress from our stress management providers
Weight Loss
Listing of Weight Loss Products and Services including diets, weight loss supplements, natural weight loss and more.
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