View our complete listings of ayurvedic medicines, practitioners, ayurvedic herbs, treatments and supplies.  Find professional ayurvedic practitioners, clinics and ayurvedic products, herbs and medicines.  Ayurvedic is the use the body’s ability to create internal harmony and balance for healing, wellness and improved well being.  The directory listing includes ayurvedic practitioners, suppliers of ayurvedic equipment and supplies, books and online resources for information on ayurvedic and related suppliers or vendors.    

The Home Remedy Haven Health Directory includes listing for natural treatment, home cures and folk remedies using the principles and philosophy of ayurvedic and its related treatment techniques, such as Ayurvedic remedies and healing.  You can find resources, information and experts in this art of healing in this directory listing.
Ayurvedic is grounded in the five elements but uses the five senses for healing, treatment and massage.   This listing area can help you find Ayurvedic information, resources, remedies and guidance.

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