Home Remedy Haven offers a huge inventory of medical books including home remedy books, natural healing books, holistic medicine and alternative health books.  Whether you are just beginning to enter the home remedy world, or you are an expert in healing arts, there are books to match your interests.  

The Home Remedy Haven Health Directory listing for books is organized by interest, field and healing art.  You can find introductory information on the power of herbs, essential oils and local flora.   You can also expand your knowledge of astrology, Ayurvedic, homeopathic medicine, massage and other alternative healing techniques and practices.  

Books in aromatherapy, essential oils and books on massage make great holiday gifts for the novice or the expert. Chinese healing arts books can expand the vision and spirit and may offer new techniques for relief of symptoms and conditions.  Astrology and horoscope books can make great New Year predictions possible and show the reader how to harness the power of the stars.

Directory Listings

Susan Burchell
Location Owensville
Description e-book that contains many remedies and recipes, natural cures for many illnesses
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