There is absolutely no doubt that herbs, home remedies and other natural cures that can be easily made from home have taken the health market by storm.  This can be attributed to several facts. That herbs and natural cures have no side effects, are inexpensive, chemical free and best of all, effective.   These facts do not mean in any way possible that conventional medicines and drugs are ineffective. Of course there are instances that always necessitate the use of these drugs. But where you have an option and the go ahead of your doctor to use herbs, then the best option would be without a doubt to use the herbs.


Before using any herb, it is very important to note that herbs are always rich in active ingredients that may render then hazardous. As such they should be used under the supervision of a qualified herbalist or even a doctor. If that is not possible, it is important to at least know a thing or two about how the herb you intend to use works. That way, you can avoid such things as overdose cases that can be life threatening. 


The best way to use a herb is to first ensure that the herb is the right one for the condition you are suffering from. But that is just as far as serious health conditions are concerned. For minor ailments, you can use the herbs from home without any worries. But then again, if you are under prescription, it is important to first seek some advice from your doctor. The same case applies if you are pregnant or you have a terminal underlying condition. Other than that, you can consume teas, make tinctures and concoctions and use them as you wait for them to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. With herbs, you simply have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

 5-HTP (0)
5-HTP is used around the world as an herbal remedy for anxiety, an herbal remedy for depression, and even an herbal remedy for addictions.
 Acai Berry (0)
Acai berry has become a very popular herb to use as a natural home remedy and is known for its antioxidant benefits. The herbal remedy acai berry is also called jussara, and açaí. Acai berry can also come in the form of supplements, fruit, powder, or acai berry juice. It tastes good and works to remove all the toxins from the body.
 Aloe Vera (0)
Aloe Vera has been around for many years and it has been used to treat minor burns, cuts, scrapes and abrasions of any kind. It is also known by its Latin names such as Aloe Vera Var, Aloe Flava, Aloe Lanzae, and many more. The Aloe Vera benefits are numerous and it can also be taken to keep your body healthy on a general basis.
 Arnica (0)
Arnica is best known for its homeopathic properties and has been used as a medicinal plant for bruises and muscle pain. Nowadays, it can also be found as a natural healing remedy for sport injuries. It is found mostly close to the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.
Ashwagandha is known as an Indian winter cherry and is used in ayurvedic treatment and therapy programs around the world. Many doctors have used it to help relieve the pain in their patients. The word may seem strange, but it has its purpose. The root of this herb is identifiable and the smell it gives off is a horse smell.
 Astragalus (0)
Astragalus is mainly used along with other combinations of traditional Chinese medicine, for a healthy immune system. The astragalus root is a strong immunity support herbal remedy, and is also known in Latin as as astragalus mongholicus and astragalus membranaceus.
Avena Sativa is also known as wild oats. Oats have been a healthy addition to a daily diet for thousands of years. It is used as a common cereal around the world and is also famous for being in desserts and a variety of other dishes. Do you remember eating oats when you were a kid? Your parents might have created dishes with them, or added some jam to your oats in the morning.
 Bilberry (0)
The herbal remedy bilberry is derived from the same family as cranberries and blueberries. It works as a beneficial and extremely strong anti-inflammatory. It is not an herb to be taken without consultation of a family doctor and qualified herbalist. It also works as an antioxidant, as well as an herb that can lower an individual’s blood sugar level.
Black Cohosh is an herbal medicine that has been used by Native Americans throughout the history of time. It is primarily used to treat menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps and symptoms. People with a high level of blood pressure have also reported the benefits of Black Cohosh.
Bladderwrack is also called fucus vesiculosus and was first discovered as algae. This seaweed comes in a brownish color and usually is found along the Pacific coastline and North Atlantic coast of the United States. Bladderwack’s most potent part is the stem which is called the thallus.
 Cayenne (0)
Cayenne pepper is commonly used for weight loss, yet it has many other benefits that can help you stay healthy and strengthen the immune system. Herb cayenne helps people loose weight by boosting metabolism, burning fat, and aid in digestion. It has been stated that cayenne pepper can increase our metabolic rate by 20 to 25%.
 Chamomile (0)
Chamomile is also known in scientific terms as matricaria recutita and was discovered in Europe. The most important part of the chamomile flower is the head. It has been used for years as a tonic, digestive aid, and is made into tea for calming effect.
 Cinnamon (0)
Cinnamon is also called cinnamomum zeylanicum, or true Cinnamon in scientific terms. It has been used for decades and has numerous health benefits. There is even a link between Cinnamon and weight loss which proves beneficial. This is because it can speed up the metabolic rate within an individual, somewhat like Cayenne pepper.
 Cranberry (0)
Cranberry is a popular berry herb that is used all over the world for numerous health reasons. Cranberries have amazing natural properties that can treat a variety of conditions. Many people think that by drinking Cranberry juice and alcohol that they will be balancing out healthy and non-healthy.
Dandelion herb is a weed. It is a weed that has leaves that are yellow and bright. Dandelion root has been used since the dawn of time in Asia, and it is thought to cure a variety of conditions.
. If you have been suffering with pain in your body for years and you have been looking for a cure, maybe Devils claw root is for you. If you have been taking over the counter medications and paying large amounts of money to reduce your pain, maybe devil claw is the safe solution to your problems.
 Echinacea (0)
Echinacea comes from the Echinacea flower and is widely used around the world to prevent most cold and flu conditions. It also serves a variety of other conditions. There are three known type of Echinacea called Echinacea pallida, Echinacea purpurea, and Echinacea angustifolia.
 Elderberry (0)
Elderberry is also called Sambuscus Nigra. The Sambuscus Niagra plant comes from the Sambuscus which is full of other small trees and shrubs of all kinds of species. The plant was first discovered in locations around the world such as South America, Europe and Africa and has a variety of different names such as European Elderberry, and black elder, as well as European elder.
Evening Primrose Oil is also known as Oenothera biennis and has a variety of benefits. This wonderful oil has been known to be the next immunity fighter since vitamin C and can protect against all kind of diseases and illness. Other names used for Evening Primrose Oil are Sun Drop and Fever Plant.
 Fennel (0)
Have you heard of Chinese fennel herb? Well this popular herb is used as an herbal remedy around the world. Sure, you see it in grocery stores and think, ‘what is that funny looking vegetable?’ Fennel can be thought of as a spice, herbal remedy, or vegetable, and can be used in a variety of ways.
 FenuGreek (0)
There are numerous reasons why someone should try fitting Fenugreek into their diet, not only because of the vitamins it provides, but the health benefits it has. Fenugreek is also called Fenigreek or Greek Hay. Just like Fennel, it is found in the Mediterranean where it is used in cooking, as a spice, and for healing and general health.
 Feverfew (0)
indigenous to the Balkan Peninsula and the rest of Europe. It also goes by many other names such as Bride’s buttons, Featherfew, Febrifuge plant, Wild Chamomile, Flirtwort and Pyrethrum. Feverfew is called Chrysanthemum parthenium, Tanacetum parthenium, and Pyrethrum parthenium, Febri fugia in Latin.
Flaxseed oil is extremely popular around the world and a wide variety of cultures use it daily. Its Latin name is Linum usitatissimum and it is also called Common flax, Annual flax, Ama, Hu Ma, Keten, Linseed flax, Linum, Winterlein and Lint bells, as well as many others. Flaxseed has been cultivated for thousands of years and was first discovered in Europe.
 Garlic (0)
Garlic has so many substantial benefits. Whether we are fighting off vampires with it, or fighting off serious illnesses, garlic has so many amazing and beneficial properties. Yes, it may smell rather strong after we ingest it, but it certainly smells good when someone is cooking with it. Garlic adds mouth watering flavor to many meals and can also protect us from disease at the same time. What is better than getting two for one?
Ginger root in Latin is called Zingiber officinale. It is also has various other names such as Common Ginger, Black Ginger, Gingenbre, Cochin Ginger, Jamaican Ginger, and more. We all have heard of Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer, but what is it really, and what are the health benefits of Ginger root.
Ginko Biloba is also known as Japanese Silver Apricot, Yinhsing, Bai Guo, Ginko Nut, and Kew Tree, and in Latin it is called Salisburia Macrophylla. This fabulous plant has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It has numerous amazing properties and it is known that Gingko Biloba originates from the oldest tree, still surviving to this day.
 Ginseng (0)
Ginseng is called Panax Ginseng in Latin, and is widely used around the world for a variety of health conditions and illnesses. It’s original name was ‘man root.’ It has many common names that people use such as Jiln, Ninjin, Seng, Red Ginseng, Tane-Ninzin, Oriental Ginseng, and many more.
 Goji Berry (0)
Many people have heard of Goji berry juice as it has hit the shelves in quite a few supermarkets and convenience stores now. Goji berries are known as one of the best anti-aging herbal remedies in the world. This has not been formally stated in science, but more and more people are feeling the glorious benefits of Goji berries.
. It is known as one of the best herbal supplements to boost and maintain the immune system. It is known to fight off a variety of illnesses and diseases, and people find this as one of the most beneficial herbal solutions. Goldenseal root is sometimes taken with Echinacea.
 Gotu Kola (0)
Gotu Kola is part of the carrot family and first originated in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. It is still now used in countries such as China and India, and is making its way to alternative medicine methods in North America and Europe.
 Grape Seed (0)
Grape seed extract has been used for centuries as an anti-oxidant. It is much stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C. It was used in ancient times to cures numerous ailments and prevent diseases from occurring. Grape seeds come from the family called Vitaceae, and are also called Grape Seed extract and Muskat.
 Green Tea (0)
Green tea benefits everyone and it is extremely popular around the world. You will find it served in coffee houses, restaurants, lounges, and many people keep it in their cupboard at home. It is even mixed with caffeine now to give you that extra bounce in your step.
Guarana is an evergreen vine that comes from the tree called Sapindaceae and is found in rainforests of Venezuela and Northern Brazil. It is also known as Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana Gum, Zoom, or Guarana bread.
Hawthorn berry comes from the Rosaceae family and originated in Europe. The Romans and Ancient Greeks believed that Hawthorn berries, when taken, led to love, happiness, and divinity.
The herbal remedy Valerian has been around for a very long time and originated in South Africa, Asia, and Europe centuries ago. It has been used since ancient times and the Greeks used the herb for numerous conditions. It has been highly popular in Germany for decades and was thought to control and calm down restless children.
The medicinal use of Horse Chestnut is known as a treatment for chronic venous insufficiency. It comes in extract form and people who have CVI have benefited from it. Chronic venous insufficiency is a condition where people have a large amount of inflammation and swelling in the legs.
Horsetail in Latin terms is called Equisetum Arvense. Horsetail herb was used greatly in ancient time by the Greek and Romans. This herb has been known to strengthen bones because it contains an ingredient called silicon (silicates, silicic acids).
You might be wondering, what eats Kelp? Who eats Kelp? Kelp is eaten by a variety of species such as the Purple Sea Urchin, Snails, Green Sea Turtles, Crabs, livestock, Polar Bears, and many species of fish. Humans eat Kelp as well as it is extremely healthy for the human body.
Lemon Balm comes from the Lemon Balm plant and it is scientifically known as Melissa Officinalis. This herb originated in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and ancient Romans and Greeks used this popular plant for a variety of reasons. Translating Greek to English, Melissa means ‘bee’, as in honeybee.
Licorice root has been used worldwide in a variety of different forms, and by various cultures. In ancient times, the Licorice root was used by the Chinese, Hindus, Egyptians, and Greeks. This popular root has a very long history attached to it, even including the fact that King Tutankhamen was buried with it in Egypt.
People generally use Marigolds in the form of a tea infusion, lotion, compress, creams, supplements, and even as a mouthwash. Marigold tea is a nice treat and you can even use the petals off of your Marigolds garden plant to make a blend. You can add Marigold flowers and leaves to your own potpourri mixture.
Milk thistle is used around the world for strengthening the liver and allowing the liver to function properly and heal. People perform Milk Thistle liver detox’s all the time for optimal health. Milk Thistle is called the ‘smart herb’ by herbalists and in Chinese medicine.
Nettle is known as Urtica Dioica in Latin terms and has a variety of other names such as Stinging Nettle, Devils Leaf, Big String Nettle, Nabat, Ortiga, Ortie and many more. This popular plant and herb has been used medicinally around the world for centuries. It may look like a plant that would cause allergies to occur, but it is actually considered an herbal remedy for allergy relief.
The Olive leaf and Olive leaf extract derives from the Olive tree, and it is found in the Mediterranean. This popular tree is also grown in other countries around the world and the number one ingredient in the Olive leaf is called pleuropein.
Poke root is called Phytolacca Americana in Latin and it is called a lymphatic cleanser. It is used in a variety of different formation such as a tincture, extract, and in supplement form. The main parts that are used from Poke root are the berries and root.
If you are feeling unhealthy, try raspberries to boost your immune system and all around general heath. Many people do not consider Raspberries as an herb, but it comes from a plant and starts off like a small little red berry with surrounding green leaves.
Rhubarb root has been used widely around the world for a variety of health conditions. You may see Rhubarb in a grocery store, or you may find Rhubarb extract in an herbal store. It has been used medicinally since ancient times and at one time people were paying a lot of money to obtain this herbal remedy.
Rosehip herb is also known as Rosa Canina and is chili powder. Rose hip is a fruit that has flowers that contain tasty nutritious petals. This popular herb is used in a variety of forms such as Rosehip extract, Rose Hip teas, powder, oils, and some people use the petals to make an aromatic potpourri.
Sage herbs have been used since ancient Roman times and it was believed to be a magical herb. It still is a magical herb. Sage can be used in food, essential oils, supplements, and placed around the house as potpourri.
Saw Palmetto plants can be found in, and around the Gulf Coast. This plant originated in Florida, appears green in color and looks like a weed, or tiny palm tree. Saw Palmetto is extracted from the little purple berries that develop on the palm. Saw Palmetto herb is one of the most popular herbs used today.
Soybeans are extremely beneficial for optimal health and the treatment of various conditions. Many people eat Soy Beans and add them to popular recipes and culinary delights. Soy Black Beans and Organic Soy Beans are among the top forms chosen for meals.
Spirulina powder is used around the world by a variety of cultures. Organic Spirulina is a natural antioxidant that can fight a range of diseases and health complications.
St. John’s Wort has been known to treat symptoms of mild depression for years now. St. John’s Wort flower is yellow in color and it originated in many locations in Europe. This miracle shrub is found in fields in warm climates around the world.
Turmeric is widely used across various countries in the world and works as a very powerful healing agent. The main ingredient in Turmeric is curcumin, and it has been known as an herbal healer for inflammation, sore joints, and anti-disease fighting properties.
Uva Ursi is called Arctosaphylos Uvaursi in the Latin language and it is a plant that has very potent and ingredient-rich leaves. These Uva Ursi leaves are commonly used in herbal remedies and medicines around the world. The Uva Ursi leaves have been used for centuries and is amazingly popular in all of Europe.
White Willow is known in the Latin language as Salix Alba and comes from the weeping willow tree. White willow bark main ingredient salicin is known as an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. Salicin contains salicylates which are also used in the very common over the counter pain relief medication called Aspirin.
Wild Yam was first discovered by Native Americans and was eaten, or used in teas and extracts as a healing method and treatment for many conditions. Most commonly, Wild Yam extracts and Wild Yam supplements are used for women’s optimal health and the various conditions they encounter in a lifetime.
Yarrow herb has been used since ancient Greek times and was even named after a Greek hero known as Achilles. Achilles used Yarrow as a treatment in the Trojan War, and applied this to his wounded fellow men and himself for healing.
Yerba Mate is known as the ‘Drink of the Gods’, and was first discovered by the indigenous people of South America. Guayaki Yerba Mate is used around the world for a variety of benefits and conditions.
The Zhu Ling mushroom may be fungi, but it still falls under the broad category of herbal remedies. These powerful mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and they are found in the earth’s soil.
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