5-HTP is used around the world as an herbal remedy for anxiety, an herbal remedy for depression, and even an herbal remedy for addictions. Many people that suffer from drug and alcohol dependency, and substance abuse seek out this form of 5-htp natural remedy to curb their cravings and improve their mood naturally so they can avoid self harm. It has also been known to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, an over active appetite, bulimia, cravings of all kinds, insomnia, headaches, sleep apnea, obesity, premenstrual syndrome, headaches, and so much more.


5-HTP is the abbreviation for 5-Hydroxytryptophan and it is a natural and herbal remedy for increasing serotonin levels. The serotonin level of the brain is very important for general functioning and is what provides us with a ‘content, satisfied, and happy feeling.’ Low serotonin levels in people are extremely common these days because life has become more stressful than ever and we are not as mentally strong enough to handle every obstacle that comes our way. This is why so many people seek out help, therapy, and treatment for their mental health. A deficiency in serotonin can occur in anyone and any within any age group and race. Many people that suffer from depression, bulimia, over eating, and obesity, have benefited from using 5 HTP because of their low serotonin levels. It is an amino acid that can also be used to treat a variety of other conditions, and has been used as a medicine since the early 1970’s in Europe. The 5 HTP natural remedy tablets come in vegetarian form and the side effect include heartburn and nausea. These vegetarian tablets have vitamin B6, vitamin B3, 5-HTP, magnesium and zinc.
It is important not to mix this herbal remedy with other medications or taking it while pregnant. It is also important not to mix this herb with alcohol and if you do take it wait for at least eight hours after any drink. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or qualified specialist before trying any new herbal treatment.  If you are taking another anti-depression, or suffer from any other condition you should consult with your doctor. Serotonin is also very important in allowing us to have a peaceful nights rest and to have a general well being. A variety of people have tried this natural remedy 5-HTP and it has been reported that feelings of sadness starts to alleviate within a short few weeks. If you love foods like pasta, breads, and carbohydrates in general this herbal remedy 5-HTP has been shown to curb the cravings while replacing the missing carbohydrates when trying to diet. As an herbal remedy for addictions it may reduce the craving for alcohol and sugar. When we feel happy inside, we do not always reach for things that will depress us and bring us down further.
This little herbal remedy may be just the answer you are looking for if you suffer from the blues. Many people around the world suffer from a low mood and sad feeling everyday and it can lead to many other conditions and problems. Always talk to your doctor about your mood and anything you are concerned about. There might be a happier way of life for you just by inquiring.

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