Ashwagandha is known as an Indian winter cherry and is used in ayurvedic treatment and therapy programs around the world.  Many doctors have used it to help relieve the pain in their patients. The word may seem strange, but it has its purpose. The root of this herb is identifiable and the smell it gives off is a horse smell. Horses are strong and powerful, and this is what Ashwagandha is thought to provide to people who use it. Strength and immunity. Ashwaganda is a shrub and it originates in India.

This special shrub has the ingredients of katu, madhur rasa, and tickt in it which all contain strengthening properties and can help cure many diseases. It also contains amino acids, anaferine, tropine, withenolide and starches.  Ashwagandha is reported to be one of the most beneficial herbs for strengthening the immune system and general health.

Ashwagandha benefits include:

    A great way to provide pain relief for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
    It is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain in the body and any swelling that occurs.
    Increases blood supply in the body after losing any.
    Ashwagandha provides amazing results when trying to heal from lymphadenopathy.
    This herbal remedy can also treat urinary tract infections quickly and reduce pain.
    It has also been known to help heal injuries and pain.
    It can relieve stress that occurs in the body and central nervous system and allow a calming     effect to take place.
    It can be a fabulous aphrodisiac for sexual excitement.
    Another Ashwagandha benefit is it helps boost energy in people who suffer from fatigue, and     low energy and concentration levels.
    It helps to build stronger heart muscles.
    It is a great diuretic for bloating and water retention. Ask your doctor what is best for your     individual situation.
    It can help the respiratory system strengthen when someone suffers from asthma.
    It works as an anti-aging remedy and slows the aging process.
    It can help restore the body back to a healthy immune system if you have been ill recently.

As with any medicine or herb, there may be side effects experienced by the patient and it is very important to report any of them to your doctor to avoid any major health concerns from developing.  Ashwagandha has not shown to have any major side effects when taken two to three times a day for over one hundred days. It has been noted that reducing your intake of spicy and sour foods for optimal benefits. Try taking it a few times a day for two weeks, then stop, and start again if you wish. Always talk to your doctor if you are starting any new herbal treatment plan as some natural products can cause allergies to occur. Allergies depend on the person’s skin type, age, sex, and a variety of other reasons. If you do see any skin reactions while taking ashwagandha then stop taking the herbal supplements and talk to your health practitioner immediately.

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