Dandelion Root

You know those cute little yellow flowers you find in gardens and fields? The type that gardener’s want to pull their teeth out over? These devilish, fast growing weeds are called Dandelions. As kids, we pull on them and play with them, while as adults we have to get the weed whacker out of the garage if we want to have any type of flower garden. They can be put to a healthier use. Dandelion herb is a weed. It is a weed that has leaves that are yellow and bright. Dandelion root has been used since the dawn of time in Asia, and it is thought to cure a variety of conditions.

Some known benefits of Dandelion root are:

    To treat bronchitis and sore throats.
    The prevention of gallstones. This is because Dandelion extract can produce more bile within the body which will aid in digesting fats. Fat deposits can lead to the build up of Gallstones in the body.
    Did you party hard last night? Drink a little too much alcohol? Then Dandelion might be your new herbal remedy for a hangover.
    If you suffer from constipation then Dandelion might be able to help relieve it.
    Dandelion can also be helpful in fighting against liver disease such as cirrhosis and other liver conditions such as hepatitis.
    If you suffer from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Dandelion root can help with bloating, and the pain and pressure that are associated with it.
    It may prevent the condition of Alzheimer’s disease because it has two brain functioning ingredients called choline and lecithin that aid in brain functioning and memory.
    May help to prevent Cancer as it has numerous antioxidant properties.
    Because of its antioxidant and anti-bacterial agents it may be able to prevent yeast infections, as well as other bacterial infections.
    Protection against pneumonia.
    Diabetics may find that Dandelion herb can reduce blood sugar levels in the body.
    Dandelion herb can work as an anti-inflammatory in arthritis sufferers.
    Dandelion herb supplements can also help fight against acne.

How to Use Dandelion Root:

    You can take Dandelion tea. Use the Dandelion root and create a tea infusion. If you have a condition such as congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, you can steep the tea for as long as 10 to 12 minutes and drink this Dandelion tea a few cups a day.
    Fresh Dandelion leaves can be added to foods and dishes you make.
    The leaves can also be added to a warm bath for bacterial infections.
    Dandelion root can also be used as a powder and added to drinks.

The only side effect that Dandelion has is the fact it is a diuretic and there could be too much potassium lost. Potassium is needed in the body and you can obtain it by eating a variety of food such as bananas, spinach, grapes and more. Make sure you consult with your doctor before you take on any new treatment. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should take precaution. Anyone who is taking other medications for illness and health conditions should talk to a qualified health practitioner before starting a new herbal treatment.


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