There are numerous reasons why someone should try fitting Fenugreek into their diet, not only because of the vitamins it provides, but the health benefits it has. Fenugreek is also called Fenigreek or Greek Hay. Just like Fennel, it is found in the Mediterranean where it is used in cooking, as a spice, and for healing and general health. It is especially used in countries such as Asia, Greece, and Italy in a variety of different ways. If you are seeking an herbal remedy that can heal you from the inside out, this might the spice or herb you should be adding to your meals. You can also take Fenugreek on capsule form with water everyday. Many of us have no idea how much certain healthy herbs can have an effect on our general health. Mostly beneficial, herbal remedies are becoming used more and more everyday.

Fenugreek also contains seeds and leaves which are usually used in cooking, and added to soups and dishes. Fenugreek contains a wide variety of properties and vitamins, such as niacin, vitamin C, lysine, alkaloids, diosgenin, and steroidal saponins. Does fenugreek increase testosterone because of the steroidal saponins? That is a question many people ask and there has been some positive results in this matter, but not scientifically proven.

The benefits of Fenugreek are:

    It can lower the amount of hot flashes in menopausal women and PMS (pre-menstrual     syndrome), as well as minimize the symptoms of mood swings.
    It has been known to treat arthritis because it serves as an anti-inflammatory.
    Fenugreek can be used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma.
    The Fenugreek herb can increase male potency and boost libido.
    Aids in the matter of skin problems such as acne, eczema, and general blemishes.
    Helpful in healing boils, wounds, and painful itchy rashes.
    Fenugreek has been used to help induce labor when eaten.
    This herb may be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes because it can help lower blood     glucose levels.
    Known to reduce dangerous high cholesterol levels which can greatly reduce heart attack and     stroke.
    If you suffer from GERD or painful acid reflux, Fenugreek may be able to suppress the condition     from occurring.
    Fenugreek has been known to be beneficial in breast enlargement.
    Aids in hormonal changes and disorders.

If you are wondering how to use Fenugreek, there are a variety of ways. You can cook with the spice or seeds, or you can take Fenugreek herb in capsule form. Sometimes people do not always like the taste, so they prefer to take supplements with water daily. Fenugreek is also developed into a topical ointment for skin rashes, wounds, acne, and boils. The side effects of Fenugreek include gas, bloating, nausea, and sometimes diarrhea.

Ask your doctor about using Fenugreek as an herbal remedy, or check with a qualified herbalist. Unless you are overdue, pregnant women should avoid using Fenugreek since it has been known to induce labor. Pregnant women, and women who are breast feeding should always consult with a doctor before trying any new herbal remedy.

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