Marigold Natural Remedy

Are you thinking of growing Marigold flowers? Marigolds are very popular amongst herbalists and gardeners alike. They are not only beautiful, but they serve as a healer for many illness and health complications. Marigold is also called Calendula Officinalis, or Pot Marigold. Marigolds flowers are bright and cheerful colors of yellow and orange. You probably have seen them in a garden at some point in your life. People generally use Marigolds in the form of a tea infusion, lotion, compress, creams, supplements, and even as a mouthwash.  Marigold tea is a nice treat and you can even use the petals off of your Marigolds garden plant to make a blend. You can add Marigold flowers and leaves to your own potpourri mixture. There is nothing better than finding a home remedy in your own home, or in your backyard. It works as an anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and even detoxifies the body.

There are a variety of uses for, and benefits of Marigolds and they can treat numerous ailments such as:

    If you suffer from inflammation and swelling through the condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis, Marigolds might be a dream come true. This herb can reduce the inflammation. Use a topical cream or lotion with a high density of Marigold in it.

    Marigold can be highly beneficial when it comes to the treatment of sunburn, scratches, sores, closed wounds, bee stings, insect stings, bruises, and cuts. It is a great remedy for most skin problems and complications.

    If you have a sore throat gargling with Marigolds might be the answer for relief. Ask an herbalist about liquid Marigold.

    Provides relief for pelvic congestion.

    Marigold works as an infection fighter. When supplements are taken, the body’s immune system becomes stronger and can fight off common colds, flu, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and more.

    Marigolds flower has also been helpful in the treatment of varicose veins because it works as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the pressure in the veins.

    Heals chapped lips quickly.

    Reduces swelling in the skin.

    Marigold has been taken to treat eye infections such as Conjunctivitis.

    This popular herb is useful in the treatment of stomach upset and nausea. Try taking it as a tea infusion.

Side effects of Marigold include a possible interaction with other medicines you may be taking. Allergies can occur in some rare cases. Allergy symptoms include redness, itching, swelling, inflammation, shortness of breath, wheezing, watery eyes, and dizziness. It is important to know that there may be alcohol and sugar added to liquid forms of the Marigold herb. If you are alcohol dependant, or suffer from liver complications, do not take Marigold without talking to your doctor first. It is important to consult with your doctor before trying any new herbal remedy treatment. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should always check with a doctor before attempting to take herbs in any form. Some people may have allergies to certain herbs, and this can be avoided if you research and talk to a doctor, as well as a licensed qualified herbalist.

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