Rosehip Herb Natural Remedy

Rosehip herb is also known as Rosa Canina and is chili powder. Rose hip is a fruit that has flowers that contain tasty nutritious petals. This popular herb is used in a variety of forms such as Rosehip extract, Rose Hip teas, powder, oils, and some people use the petals to make an aromatic potpourri. At one point Rose hip extract was used as an astringent, but later on the idea was turned away by modern and herbal medicine. Nowadays, Rosehip is used primarily for medicinal reasons. Other Latin names for Rosehip herb are Rosa Rubignosa, Rosa Rubirosa, and Rose Mosqueta. It is used widely among cultures around the world to alleviate specific health conditions and illnesses.  This herb has a high content of bioflavanoids and vitamin C, therefore making it an important remedy for fighting infections and colds. Rosehips are the natural part of the entire plant.

Rose Hip can also be an important ingredient in massage oils, aromatherapy, and essential oils. Rose Hip needs to be used in moderation. The oil usually comes in a light yellow color and has been used for skin related problems for years. Rosehip can also be used in cooking and may be added to certain cooking oils such as nut and vegetable.

The benefits of Rosehip are as follows:

    Treatment of Colic.
    It can make the stomach stronger if you have any stomach related disorders or health complications.
    Rosehip has been used to fight off infections, colds, and the flu.
    It can help by reducing bouts of diarrhea.
    This herb has been used to treat gastritis and other digestive track disorders.
    Rosehip can help with digestion. Use vegetable or nut oil that contains Rosehip when cooking food.
    The oil form of Rosehip has been known to treat burns, and can soften the appearance of old and new scars.
    If you are worried about aging too fast, then try Rosehip oil for best results. It has amazing anti-aging properties.

Side effects of Rosehip are as follows:

·         Gas and bloating.

·         Vomiting and nausea.

·         Diarrhea and upset stomach.

·         Allergies such as inflammation and itching of the skin.

·         Allergies such as swelling of the tongue and shortness of breath.

·         It may interfere with vitamins and minerals that are needed for general health.

·         It may interfere with other important medications you are taking. Ask your doctor before taking any new medication.

Pregnant women and nursing women should not start an herbal remedy without talking to their health practitioner. Herbal remedies are not for everyone and some may benefit, while others may not. Rose hip can also be taken in tablet form and you can find these supplements in pharmacies and drug stores.

If you want to find out more about herbal remedy benefits, then you can speak to an herbalist. An herbalist may ask you about your family medical history, your individual medical history, and about the condition you want to treat. Always consult with your doctor before trying a new treatment. Many people suffer from allergies and they may feel a reaction when taking a specific herb. Be careful when taking any new herbal treatment and research possible side effects. Some herbal remedies may contain alcohol and should not be given to infants or children. Herbal supplements are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

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