Wild Yam Natural Treatment

Wild Yam was first discovered by Native Americans and was eaten, or used in teas and extracts as a healing method and treatment for many conditions. Most commonly, Wild Yam extracts and Wild Yam supplements are used for women’s optimal health and the various conditions they encounter in a lifetime. Wild Yam is also called Discorea Villosa and it now grows in countries such as Mexico, North America, and Asia, to name a few. It is also called Mexican Wild Yam, and it can benefit hormone related problems and conditions.

Wild Yam is used as an anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory to treat conditions such as spasms of the uterus, rheumatism, and arthritis of all types.  This herbal remedy is also used by men for a variety of health conditions. It can be taken in many forms such as Wild Yam tea, Wild Yam cream, tinctures, powder, supplements, and extracts. Wild Yam cream is used for muscle aches and pains, and it can alleviate this pain that develops in the joints, limbs, and body. Other common names for Wild Yam root are China Root, Aluka, Yuma, and Shan-Yao. It has been used in Chinese medicine practices and remedies for thousands of years. Nowadays, many people eat yams and have them with certain meals. You can buy them in a can, but they might have all of these harmful preservatives and chemicals added to them. You will not benefit as much from this way of ingesting it.

Wild Yam benefits include the following:

·         Hormonal relief in women related physical and mental problems.

·         May alleviate morning sickness and labor pains before and during birth.

·         May aid in the treatment of Colic and Rheumatism.

·         Because Wild Yams act as an anti-spasmodic agent, women that suffer from muscle pains or cramping before and during a menstrual period might have some relief. (This includes labor pains)

·         Wild Yam may help open the airways in an asthma sufferer.

·         It may prevent or treat gastrointestinal complications such as IBS. (Irritable Bowel syndrome)

·         Wild Yam supplements might help in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics.

·         Wild Yam root may provide relief in the case of bad circulation. Bad circulation is a very common condition among people of today. Wild Yam might be the best solution to get your circulatory system back on track.

Wild Yam Side effects can be as follows:

·         It may interfere with hormonal medications you may be taking such as the birth control pill, estrogen medications, and others. Ask your doctor if Wild Yam supplements or teas might be right for you.

Pregnant women and nursing women should not start an herbal remedy without talking to their health practitioner. Herbal remedies are not for everyone and some may benefit, while others may not.  If you want to find out more about herbal remedy benefits, then you can speak to an herbalist. An herbalist may ask you about your family medical history, your individual medical history, and about the condition you want to treat. Always consult with your doctor before trying a new treatment.

Many people suffer from allergies and they may feel a reaction when taking a specific herb. Be careful when taking any new herbal treatment and research possible side effects. Some herbal remedy extracts may contain alcohol and should not be given to infants or children. Keep in mind that many herbal medicines are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and some doctors will not recommend them because of this factor.

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