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After years of publishing the latest home remedy information and cures, Home Remedy Haven is pleased to announce the inclusion of an ever-expanding home remedy medical directionary called MediFind. The idea behind MediFind is to continuously add medical information about diseases, conditions and illnesses just like a regular medical dictionary and encyclopedia. The difference being that our encyclopedia will provide information from a holistic and natural healing perspective,

instead of the exclusively contemporary diagnosis/prescription related viewpoints in many authoritative medical encyclopedias in print.

Our aim is to continuously expand our home remedy knowledge base through current medical news, our team of experts, monthly and weekly article contributors, and of course our visitors (that’s you!). We hope that with your help, we can make MediFind the premiere medical encyclopedia on the internet, which will in turn give alternative and holistic medicine huge exposure, spreading health and wellness worldwide. If you can contribute in any way, we would like to hear from you!

To start, we will publish general articles on the major parts of the body system, starting with the circulatory system and respiratory system, then branching off to the lymph and endocrine systems. We will also publish articles on surgeries and procedures, therapies and on knowing your body parts. Under each of these headings we will start to expand and include detailed information on particular parts of each system or organ and so on. Other main headings to be added shortly are genetic disorders and skin conditions.

If you would like to take part by helping us expand MediFind, please contact us and let us know what types of article contributions you can make. We are always looking for experts on the human body, holistic practices, alternative medicine and health and wellness to help us expand MediFind. Please only submit your own original works or works that you own the copyright to.

The Home Remedy Haven Team

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