Circulatory System

Circulatory Disorders

Circulatory conditions refer to any illness or condition that stems from, or affect the circulatory system. Hemophilia, Hypertension and Heart Disease are all examples of circulatory disorders. There are literally hundreds of circulatory disorders and conditions that are known to doctors and researchers, and more are found and classified each year.

Circulatory System at a Glance

The circulatory system loosely refers to the parts of your body responsible for transporting blood (and the oxygen, gases, nutrients, hormones along with it) to the various parts of your body that need it.

The circulatory system consists of the heart, the blood vessels, and of course the blood itself. The system itself is divided into two groups: the pulmonary circulatory system (the looping arteries connecting the lungs to the heart) and the systemic circulatory system (blood looping through the arteries throughout the rest of your body).

Circulatory Conditions Information

Circulatory conditions and illnesses can vary from mildly irritating to extremely uncomfortable and even fatal. As research continues, doctors and scientists are learning more about the human body and these circulatory conditions, searching for cures and treatment methods. Home Remedy Haven’s goal is to provide information about circulatory system conditions, and to provide home remedy treatment methods to help deal with the symptoms of certain circulatory disorders. Please consult your physician before using any of the home remedies listed in this, or any other section of this website.

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