Skin Condtitions

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions refer to any disease or condition that affects the skin in any way. Although there are thousands of skins conditions, very few constitute a visit to a physician or hospital. A small rash from a singing nettle for example, is a skin condition which goes away on its own within a couple of hours.

Conversely, there are some common skin conditions that do require a doctor’s visit and in some cases persistent treatment or therapy through medications; antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, steroids, topical vitamins, therapy; massage, laser therapy, blue light therapy, dermabrasion, and surgery; skin grafts, blemish removal, sub-dermal procedures.

Probably the most common skin conditions suffered by humans are eczema and acne.

Eczema itself refers to many different skin disorders, and acne has many different categories and can appear in different places on the body.

Skin Treatment and Health

With the exception of a few major or water related skin conditions, the best way to prevent or even treat them is to promote healthy skin by creating a routine for cleansing and caring for your skin. With regular and proper cleansing, hydrating and vitamin supplementation, your skin can right off many skin conditions while looking and feeling great. Here are some skin cleansing routine tips to keep your skin healthy:

•    Wash your skin in the morning and at night. There is no need to ‘scrub’ your skin and in some cases, particularly with eczema and acne, scrubbing can make the condition worse and more inflamed. Instead, use a gentle or mild cleanser. Tips for skin washing:

     o    Don’t scrub. Gently wash your skin with a clean smooth cloth.
     o    Use mild cleansers and soaps with no perfumes or added chemicals.
     o    When drying, dab your skin instead of wiping it.

•    Hydration keeps your skin healthy and healthy looking. Your skin, as an organ, requires nourishment from water which can be taken in topically (the skin’s surface) and internally (ingestion).

     o    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water will help skin ward off various skin conditions and will keep the rest of your body’s organs functioning aat optimum level.
     o    Taking warm baths with essential oils can help your skin stay hydrated.

•    Vitamins are important for your skin as well. In particular, Vitamin E is important for overall skin health. Vitamin E helps your skin health by helping it become more elastic (less wrinkles) and by helping it produce collagen used for healing wounds and minimizing scars.

     o    Can be taken in pill form as a supplement
     o    Can be found in many skin creams (make sure the cream doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or perfumes.

Home Remedy Skin Condition Section

This section is meant to provide information about various skin conditions and diseases, while offering advice on how to treat, prevent or cure them through natural home remedies and homeopathic practices. Please see our ongoing list of skin condition articles blow:
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