Surgeries & Procedures

Surgeries and Medical Procedures

Surgery is defined as “the treatment of a person through manual or instrumental operations". A medical procedure is simply defined as a course of action intended to achieve a result in the care of patients, used by medical or paramedical  personnel.

Although there is a thin line between 'surgeries' and 'procedures', people generally refer to surgery as a procedure where instruments are used to remove or manipulate parts of the body, most notablbly by entering through the skin (invasive surgery).

However, surgery does not need to be invasive to be classified as surgery. Further, various procedures may use different techniques including, but not exclusively, surgery.

Surgery can be classed into two groups: medical surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Medical surgery refers to surgery that is used to cure, correct, treat, alleviate or study a certain condition, abnormality or illness. Cosmetic surgery refers to using surgery for aesthetic purposes (to look better, or to look more 'normal'). Examples of medical surgery include heart surgery and gall bladder surgery, where cosmetic surgery examples include eye lifts or breast implants.

Surgery and Procedure Articles

Home Remedy Haven's surgery and procedures section takes a close look at various surgeries and procedures, in an attempt to provide information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms and healing. We also provide information on home remedies for surgical procedure preparation and healing. Always speak to your doctor before attempting to treat any symptoms.

Below is a list of articles coming soon to the Surgeries and Procedures section:

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