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Abrasions are caused by a fall to the ground, tripping over an object, or rubbing against an uncomfortable surface. When the top layer of skin is removed, also known as the epidermis, it can lead to a reddish mark that can sting, bleed and even swell. Our skin is very sensitive to surfaces and we may find we get abrasions or bruise easily. It is good to have your own personal home remedy for abrasions and especially if you have children.

Kids are prone to abrasions because of all the activity, falling, and playing they do. Many parents will use Polysporin or Neosporin ointments for cuts, scrapes, chafing and abrasions, but what do you do if you don’t have any in the house? Here are a few ideas for the treatment of abrasions.

•    Use Witch Hazel for abrasions and bruises. This can be found in most pharmacies and some grocery stores and it is an inexpensive abrasions home remedy. It can take away the burn of the abrasion and cool the area down. It can also work as a fabulous astringent for reducing the amount of swelling.

•    Iodine is a good liquid to have in the house as it reduces the swelling and is great in reducing the chance of infection.

•    Try using warm water on the abrasion area to reduce the pain and swelling. A nice warm bath might be a great way to reduce the discomfort after a scrape, fall, or graze.

•    Lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oils can be beneficial for abrasions. They can soften the skin and allow the abrasion to heal quicker.

•    Use honey to sooth the feeling of the abrasion. Honey has some great properties and can soften the skin until the wound heals over.

Many people around the world have had an abrasion in their lifetime. They can experience them as kids, or throughout life depending on your lifestyle. Many people that live extremely active lifestyles seem to be more prone to experiencing an abrasion.

People that are desk bound throughout the day, or who have a sedentary lifestyle have a smaller chance of experiencing scrapes and grazes. Another popular abrasions home remedy is to clean the area then apply Aloe Vera to begin the healing process. It will also help to cool the designated area. Dress the abrasion with some First Aid gauze if you have some in the house.

Usually when someone experiences an abrasion they may find soreness and redness in the area that was affected. It is a good idea to keep the wound protected so there is no chance of infection. Sometimes people can feel a lot of pain depending on the severity of the abrasion. By using a home remedy for abrasions you can reduce the pain dramatically before you spend a lot of money on ointments and medications.

Abrasions also affect many senior citizens because their skin is more delicate and the slightest rub can cause one to occur. After the abrasion has been treated it might start to feel itchy. Itchiness is a sign that the wound is healing and well onto a full recovery. It is important to repeatedly clean the abrasion to prevent infection and further complications.

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