Acne Scar Removal

All of us want to look our best all of the time. The problem is that our skin makes its own oil. This oil can clogs up your pores and actually cause acne. As our bodies struggle to fight off this acne, it is actually wounding your skin in the fight. This then leaves scars on your face and body that are called acne scars. These scars are the result of the battle that went on in that area of your body and having too much collagen left behind.


As you more than likely already know, about 85% of teens and people will have some kind of acne outbreak in their life.

Out of that 85%, about 25% of them will get some kind of permanent scars from the acne. If you want to break this down into numbers, then think of it like this. About 60 million Americans are expected to deal with acne. 20 million of those will suffer from acne scars. That is a lot of people that can be left with these permanent scars. These scars upset people, because acne is pretty much regarded as nothing more than a social taboo. It's sad, because there is not much people can do about it.


The symptoms of acne scars are not hard to spot, and that is the main problem that people have with them. Most of the time, if you have acne scars, they will be in the same location that you had an acne breakout. The way that you go about treating your acne will usually define how many acne scars you get. After finding out if you have acne scars, then you will have to find out which kind you have. There are two main types of acne scars, the temporary ones and the permanent ones. The temporary scars are actually not real scars, and thus, do not count. These are just temporary red marks that are left on your face that are haling up. Most of the time, they will go away in about six to ten months. The permanent ones are the bad ones. These are the ones that you get from your skin trying to heal itself with new skins. However, the skin grows inward to fill in the depression left by the acne, and it accuses a permeate scare.


As we said before, the acne scars are not hard to spot. Most of the time, you are going to be able to diagnosis these acne scars yourself. If you have to go see a doctor for it, the doctor will just check over the area of your body that has the acne scars, and let you know if that is them or not. After finding out if you have acne scars, then the acne scar removal treatment can start.


The good news for people who want to get rid of their acne scars, or at least reduce the appearance of them, is that there are tons of treatments out there for you. Before you have any acne scars, be sure to use fading products. These will help your acne to heal itself the right away, preventing acne scars from forming in the first place. If it's to late for that, then you might want to think about using dermal fillers. This allows you to fill your scars with a dermal filler so that you can not see the scars out in public. This is not a permanent fix, but it will keep you looking good until another treatment option opens up for you. Next, you may want to try a chemical peel. This is a way of actually shaving off the first few layers of your skin. When you do this, the scars actually start to disappear. This is one of the best ways to get rid of acne scars, but it is not recommended for deep scars. Last, but not least, you can use microdermabrasion. This is the best way to go about treating severe acne.

Home Remedies

When it comes to acne scar removal, not everyone wants to use unnatural products, like face peels. Thus, we are going to talk about some natural acne scar treatment options that may work out better for you. The first acne scar home remedies that we are going to talk about include making a paste out of rose water and sandalwood. After making a paste, you simply apply it to the affected area, and let it dry. Afterwards, just wash your face with warm water. Over time, this will remove your acne scars. Other home remedies for acne scars include using the inside of a papaya skin. Rub it on your face, let it sit for an hour, and then wash it away. Last, but not least, you may even want to use some tree oil. Home remedies for acne scars include a lot of tree oil. This will actually help to unclog your pores and help your scars to heal naturally.


Just because you have acne scars does not mean that it's the end of the world. In fact, it's just the start of good things to come. All you have to do is use some of the home remedies for acne scars that we talked about. These will either help you to remove your scars completely or at least reduce them in size.


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