Anal Fissures Treatment

If you do not know what an anal fissure is, then you may be shocked to find out that it is actually a cut or tear on the anus itself. The anus is the part of the body in which stools pass out of your body. As you can guess, having a tear on your anus is not the best thing in the world. In fact, it can cause pain whenever you have a bowel movement.

Most of the time, an anal fissure starts at the opening of the anus and moves upwards throughout the anal canal. This is something that can affect just about everyone, so we are going to cover some more information on it right now.


The first thing to note about anal fissures is that it can be found in men and women, both young and old. In fact, babies typically get anal fissures in the early stages of life. They say about 81% of the people in the world, at some point, will have some kind of anal fissures. They say about 15% of everyone that goes to a doctor because of problems in the anus are more likely to have an anal fissure. Thus, you can see that this is a very common problem, and there are no other problems that stem from anal fissures. Most people want to cure them, because it can cause pain when you use the bathroom.


Most of the time, you can tell if you have an anal fissure if you have pain while having a bowel movement. The pain can be brief or long-lasting. Most of the time, however, pain subsides in between bowel movements. The biggest problem that you have to watch out for is constipation. Although anal fissures do not cause constipation, some people are unwilling to use the bathroom because of the pain it causes them. This is bad, because that just adds up to large stools to pass later. A lot of times, an anal fissure will bleed. Although, the bleeding is usually small, and you will only notice a tiny bit of blood when cleaning yourself after a bowel movement.


When you go in to get diagnostics for an anal fissure, the doctor will do a very gentle inspection of your anus. Sometimes this is done with a cotton swab. If blood is found as well, then a lot of times a doctor may use a camera to view further up your anus to see if the bleeding could be caused by something else. Most of the time, however, this only happens if the blood is clearly not coming from the anal fissure.


There are a few different anal fissures treatment options that you can use. Most people have found that, with certain actions, about 80 to 90% of anal fissures can heal themselves. A lot of times a doctor will tell you to take a stool softener to soften up the stools before you pass them. In other cases, the doctor may give you steroids to help with the anal fissures. The treatment options that you use in healing anal fissures is going to be left up to your doctor. Worry not, there are a lot of different anal fissures treatment options out there. Additionally, a colon cleansing can help reduce the stress on the anus muscles, most noticbly the sphincter, when having a bowel movement. This reduces both fissures and hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies

Healing anal fissures is something that a lot of people can do from home. During the healing time, you may have an urge to itch there, which means that it is healing over. You may even have some bleeding during this time. It is very important to remember when doing home remedies for anal fissures that you need to eat a lot of fiber. Also, you should avoid eating any kind of sharp food. This would include things like chips, nuts, and things of that nature. Another very popular option when looking into anal fissures home remedies is to apply creams that you make from home. For example, a wheat germ oil can help the healing process move faster. Some other people also like to apply an aloe compress to their anus. This can help the anal fissures to heal and to alleviate the pain. When healing anal fissures, you should also take a lot of warm baths. This can provide a lot of relief for your anal fissures. Other anal fissures remedies involve petroleum jelly. This is to help stools to pass easier through your anus.


Anal fissures home remedies are not that rare to come by. In fact, you should be able to cure your anal fissures without having to go see your doctor. If your anal fissures treatment does not work, then you will be force to go see your doctor to see how they can help. Just remember to eat a lot of fiber, and take your stool softener; and you should have no problem clearing up your anal fissures.


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