Angina Treatment

A very common problem that people run into nowadays is known as angina (also called Angina Pectoris). Most people commonly call this chest pains. This is a very common symptom of artery disease, but can also be caused by other things. When people talk about angina, they talk about having a discomfort in their chest or having an aching, burring feeling.

Angina Pectoris can also give you a feeling like you are being squeezed, and a lot of times, people think that it's just indigestion. You should note that, although angina pectoris is normally felt in the chest, it can also be felt in the arms and neck. The main problem is not the angina itself, but the fact that you need to know what is causing it.


As far as the prevalence for angina pectoris goes, it is found more in women than in men. For example, about 13,500 women a year have angina, and only about 11,500 men. Do keep in mind that this is, of course, a figure that does change from country to country. Either way, it is a problem that does affect people from all around the world.


Angina symptoms are something that are felt more than seen. For example, a low blood flow is a very common angina symptom that you have to deal with. Not only that, but you may have a very bad chest pain. The pain in the chest will normally feel like you are being crushed. Having a heavy feeling is usually not angina. Most people say it feels as if someone has clenched your heart, making it hard to even breath. The kinds of things that will bring this on are things like emotional stress or physical exertion. Anger is known as the main trigger for angina symptoms.


When it comes to diagnosing your angina symptoms, it is going to be left up to a doctor. After all, not all chest pains mean something bad. Normally it depends on how often you have them and whatnot. To determine how bad it is, your doctor is going to have to run a few different tests. Some of the tests that you are going to have to take are exercise stress tests and electrocardiogram tests. Other times, doctors will also give you nuclear imaging tests and, of course, cardiac catheterization. All of these tests are going to help you figure out if you are just having chest pains or if you are having angina. Although they are sometimes called the same thing, angina is a little bit different than your normal chest pains.


Angina treatment options depend on the type of underlying problem that you are having. Most of the time, you are not going to have angina without having some reason why your chest hurts. For most people, a combination of lifestyle change and medications is normally enough to control the angina symptoms that they are having. If you are a smoker, then you are going to have to quit smoking and start doing some exercise. Not only that, but you have to work on controlling your diabetes and your high blood pressure, cutting back on salt can help that a lot, if you have these conditions as well. Some of the medications that they are likely to give you are going to be nitrates and, of course, beta blockers. Some other things could even be calcium channel blockers. Either way, if there is an underlying problem, then you have to figure out what it is in order to make sure that you get it taken care of.

Home Remedies

No matter what you choose to do, remember that there are a number of great home remedies for angina that you can use. Most of these products are just all natural and products that you might use in everyday life anyway. Some of the things that you are going to want to include into your diet are things like grapes, castor oil, honey, lemon and, of course, the ever popular garlic. Although garlic helps just about everything, remember that lemon is actually the best natural ingredient for angina. In fact, you should try to work lemon peel into a lot of your foods. It you are eating soup, then try and take some lemon peel, and put it into the soup as well. These home remedies for angina are the best.


Angina home remedies are going to be there to help you get over your angina symptoms. Remember, however, if you have a problem that is causing your angina, then you are going to have to have that looked at. After all, you are more than likely having chest pains for some reason or another. Remember these home remedies, and you should be able to control any chest problems that you have. No one should have to live with chest pains, and now you do not have to. Home remedies really are the best!


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