Appendicitis Remedies

Appendicitis is a problem that you may have with your appendix. This is a part of your large intestine. Most of the time, when you have appendicitis, your appendix becomes infected, which makes it inflamed. When you have appendicitis, things can go from stomach pain to death very quickly. Thus, if you are having pain in that area of your body, you have to go see your doctor to have it looked at.

It is not yet known just what the appendix does for the body, and thus, a lot of times it gets taken out.


Appendicitis is not very common. In fact, they say that out of 100 people, only 8 will get it. Although you can get appendicitis at just about any point in your life, they say that it is a lot more common between the early age of 10 and the middle age of 35.


Since appendicitis can be deadly if it's not taken care of, it is very important that you know how to look for symptoms of appendicitis. The most common symptom to look for would, of course, be belly pain. The pain in your belly is going to first be located near your belly button. As it gets worse, it will then move to the lower right of your belly. Although these are the most common symptoms of appendicitis, the pain can be located all over your stomach and can sometimes even be felt in your back. Most of the time, as it progresses, the pain will get very bad, and it will be hard to move. Some say that it gets so bad that it hurts to just cough. On top of all that, there is a good chance that you will feel stick to your stomach and, of course, have a fever to go with it. Do keep in mind that just because you have belly pain does not mean you have appendicitis. In fact, they say if you have bad belly pain for longer than 4 hours without any relief, then you should call your doctor, because it could be appendicitis symptoms.


The problem with appendicitis, is that it's not easy for your doctor to diagnose until you have real problems with your appendix. Most of the time, your doctor will start off by just asking you a few common questions about your belly pain. Some questions to look for would be, “When did it start?” and “Where does it hurt?” They will more than likely also check your temperature. If you have a fever, that could be a sign of an infection in your appendix. This could be followed up by blood tests to check for even more infections. If the doctor still is not sure, then he may ask to do a CT scan on you or do an ultrasound of your belly.


As of right now, there is only one treatment for appendicitis, and that is the complete removal of the appendix. This is actually known as an appendectomy. It is very important that you have the appendectomy if you have appendicitis. If you do not, then your appendix can burst. If an appendix bursts while it's inside of you, there can be some very bad side effects, and it can lead to death. Normally the surgery is not that bad. All they do is make a very small cut in your belly and simply take out your appendix. However, if your appendix bursts while it's inside of you, then surgery becomes a lot more complex.

Home Remedies

Appendicitis remedies are all over the place. Although they may not be able to treat it, these appendicitis home remedies that we will talk about could keep you from getting appendicitis. In a few cases, home remedies for appendicitis have been known to stop the appendix from bursting. The first thing that you are going to want to try is drinking green gram. This is one of the best ways to not only relieve pain, but to also help treat the infection that could be causing your appendicitis. Other home remedies for appendicitis would be things like drinking vegetable juice or buttermilk. Ginger and garlic also make great appendicitis remedies. By eating some raw (or powdered) ginger and garlic combinations, you can reduce a swollen appendix in no time. Last, but not least, people like to use honey and lemon juice. This is used to treat indigestion and can help with the pain. These are some of the best appendicitis home remedies that you an find.


Appendicitis is something that can cause a great deal of damage to your body. However, by following some of the home remedies for appendicitis that we talked about, you should be able to fight off getting appendicitis in the first place. If these appendicitis remedies do not work, you will have to go see your doctor to have your appendix removed. That is the only sure fire way to avoid having your appendix explode.


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