Arteriosclerosis Treatment

If you have never heard of the term arteriosclerosis, then you do not know that it refers to the thickening of the walls of your arteries. As you can more than likely guess, this is not a good thing at all. This is an ailment that actually has a very high death rate. Of course, the death rate goes up when you compare older people to younger people.

Out of all the places you can have arteriosclerosis, the worst place is, of course, the coronary vessels of the heart. This is going to interfere with the free circulation of your blood, and it can lead to death.


This is a problem that can affect just about anyone. As you may have guessed already, it does happen to affect older people more than younger people. Normally people who are in there 60's tend to get this disease. Of course, do not let that fool you into thinking that it can not affect you. Also, if you have a history of this kind of problem in your family, then you are much more likely to get it than people who have never had it in their family at all.


If you think that you have arteriosclerosis, then there are a few things that you need to look for. Most of these things are stuff that you should look for, because arteriosclerosis causes these things! If you have an inadequate blood supply to your legs, then you should have that checked. Arteriosclerosis causes your heart to have trouble pumping blood. Thus, the parts of your body that are further away from your heart (your legs) are going to have problems getting the blood that they need. A lot of times, arteriosclerosis causes a numbness in the feet and/or cold feet. Most of the time, you will also have cramps in your legs and pains. When you are having arteriosclerosis symptoms, you are usually going to notice a very sharp pain in your chest. Of course, this sharp pain can happen anywhere, and that includes in the brain as well . A lot of times, people have a stroke because of it, and they become paralyzed on one side of their body. Some people even have bad pressure on their kidneys.


There are a few tests that you can have done that will let you know if you have arteriosclerosis. After all, the arteriosclerosis symptoms can be linked back to a lot of things. One test that gets done is the coronary angiography. This kind of test is done while you are put to sleep. You may even have a echocardiogram done as well. This kind of test is done by way of sound waves that they put in your chest and take a picture of. It lets the doctor know how your heart is pumping.


There are a lot of different Arteriosclerosis treatment options out there for you to use. Sometimes medication and a change in lifestyle is the best bet. A lot of times, you are going to have to quit smoking, if you are a smoker, and lose weight. If that is not enough, then you might have to take medication that actually helps to control your cholesterol. If none of that works, then the doctors are going to try and use some plaque removal methods. One way to do that is to have an angioplasty. Most of the time, doctors only do this kind of treatment if nothing else is working. That is because these are types of heart surgery that can be very deadly. When they work, they work great, but the success rate of these kinds of surgeries is not as good as you want them to be.

Home Remedies

Just because there are a lot of arteriosclerosis treatment options your doctor gives you, does not mean that you can not do your own thing. In fact, there are a ton of great home remedies for arteriosclerosis. One good set of arteriosclerosis home remedies are the ones that include lemon peel into your diet. This is one of the richest sources of Vitamin P in the world. That is the vitamin that is needed to strengthen your arterial system. You can add lemon peel to just about anything that you want to. In fact, just adding a little bit of lemon peel to your soup can be a good way to get the lemon peel that your body needs. Other people like to use parsley. Adding parsley to your food is another good way to help cure your arteriosclerosis symptoms.


There are a lot of arteriosclerosis causes out there. However, if you are able to use some of these home remedies for arteriosclerosis, then you should be fine. After all, not everyone has to use medication to fight off arteriosclerosis. Like we talked about, sometimes just working out and eating right can be enough.


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