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One of the most common problems in the world today is back pain problems. Everyone goes through back pain problems at some point in their life. The problem with back pain problems is that there can be a number of things that are causing it. It could be something small, like a pulled muscle, or something big, like nerve damage.


Having back problems is not uncommon.

In fact, doctors say that the knees and the back are the most likely place to have problems on the human body. This is because of the way that we are designed. They say about 85% of all people will, at some point in their life, have back problems. Doctors say that back problems are the most reported problem that they hear about. The only thing that comes ranked higher than back pain is the common cold.


The symptoms for back pain are very hard to miss. The problem about having back pains is that we use our back muscles for just about everything that we do. Whenever you are having back pains, you will notice that the pain gets worse if you cough or sneeze. Not only that, but you could have numbness in your legs. People with back pain can not sleep the whole night without being awakened by pain from their back. Others will find that it is very hard to pass urine or to have any kind of bowel movement. Last, but not least, most of the time, when you have bad back pain you will lose the ability to control urination or your bowel movements.


Diagnosing back pain is hard work. That is because our backs and spines are very complex things. Most of the time, doctors note that we have more lower back pain than anything else. Trying to pinpoint what is causing the back pain can take a long time. You should also note that just because your back hurts does not always mean it's physical. In fact, most doctors say that back pain can be a warning sign of depression, stress, or anxiety. These are things that have to be dealt with in a different way. Doctors will also look at your family history to see if back pain runs in your family. This could be the signs of a genetic problem.


Back pain treatment comes in many forums. Most people go the nonsurgical route when it comes to dealing with back pains. If doctors can avoid going around your spinal cord, that is the route that they choose. Most of the time, the best back pain treatment has to do with just exercise. If you do not move around enough during the day or stretch a bit, your back will start to hurt. You may even want to try acupuncture and, of course, epidural steroid injections. Others will use certain medications to help take away the back pain. Having your back adjusted can help sometimes, but it is not something that you should do very often. Adjusting your back too much can cause slipped disks, which will cause even more back pain. If none of this works, then you might have to have surgery on your back. There are tons of different surgery back pain treatment options that you can use. Everything from laminectomy to spinal fusion can be done to help remove back pain all together.

Home Remedies

If you are a person that does not like to take medication or to have surgery, then you can rest assured that there are some home remedies for back pain out there. Finding back pain relief is a must for most people, because they have to work; and they can not do that with back pain. One of the best back pain home remedies would be to keep yourself warm. This includes eating hot items. You should also include garlic (the wonder herb) into your diet. This is one of the most effective herbs that you can take for removing back pain. If you have someone there to help you, a massage with eucalyptus oil can be very helpful for a back pain treatment. Other home remedies call for you to take half a teaspoon of guggulu half an hour after meals. You should take it with warm water. If you feel like your back is inflamed, then you should use ice on it. However, after a few days you should switch too heat. When sleeping, do not sleep face down, and during the day be sure to do some exercise for about 10 minutes each day.


By following some of the back pain home remedies that we talked about, you can feel like a new person without having to take medication. Just remember that everyone is different and not everything is going to work. So be sure to try a few different home remedies before you choose to give up.


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