Bed Sore Treatment

Bed sores are becoming a bigger problem in the world. However, the name of the problem, “bed sores,” can be a little misleading. The name came about, because people who use to be bedridden, or unconscious, would get these from laying in one spot for too long. A lot of people who are unable to sense pain, or if they are immobile, get these.

Thus, the causes of bed sores are pretty clear. Lying in a bed too much or setting in a wheelchair for prolonged time spans are the major causes of bed sores. Sitting anywhere for too long can cause bed sores, but this is very uncommon. Unless you are not able to feel pain in your legs or butt, you would be able to feel pain before you got bed sores and would know to stand up.


Bed sores use to be common in people who were unconscious, but now they are not the only people who get them. Anyone that lays down for a very long time and does not get up and move around from time to time can get these. There are, of course, different stages of bed sores which we will talk about next. The main thing to remember here is that anyone can get bed sores.


There are four different stages of bed sores. The higher up the stage, the worse the bed sore. If you are having any of these problems, then you are having symptoms of bed sores. Stage one is where a pressure sore appears. This is an area that is red and sore to the touch. It may even feel warm. At stage two, skin loss starts. Usually by having the out layer of skin start to peel off. Sometimes it can even have a purple discoloration. If you start to notice this, stage two does heal very fast, if you start to get up and move again. Stage three is where pressure ulcers start to reach the surface of your skin. This means that the damage is now beyond the skin and down into the under tissue. This normally turns into a crater-like wound. In stage four, you are going to notice a large amount of skin loss. Most of the time, you will also have a lot of damage to your muscle and to your bone. This will come with lethal infections a well.


To find out if you are having bed sores, the doctor will be able to do a few tests on you to see how you react. Most of the time, the doctor will be able to tell if you are having bed sores by viewing the area that is having the problem. If he is still not sure, then he may take a sample of your stool, and send it off to the lab for further analysis tests. After that, they may have to do a biopsy. This is something that has to be done with chronic pressure sores. This is where the doctor will remove a small part of your skin and have it studied. This is done to check for infections, as well as any kind of cancer that may be growing in the wound.


Although bed sores are not fun to deal with, the are pretty easy to treat when caught early. Normally, all that is needed is to remove pressure form the area of the body that is getting the bed sore. If that does not work, to treat bed sores, you will have to go about protecting the wound with medicated gauze. This is a special dressing that can help it. You also have to be very sure, when doing bed sore treatment, that you make sure that you keep it clean. If worse comes to worse, there are some types of medication that can be used to help keep it clean just in case.

Home Remedies

If you are at the early stages of bed sores, then you can try some bed sore home remedies. These are a great way to get rid of bed sores without having to go see a doctor. First step: be sure to change potions every two hours. Try to use a rippled mattress while you sleep, this will help with circulation of blood. Be sure to massage the area of the body that is getting the bed sore. Above all, you have to make sure that you keep it clean. Not keeping it clean will actually just lead to an infection and cause worse problems.


Bed sores are not hard to deal with, and if you are able to deal with them at an early stage, then you should have no problem taking care of them yourself. Bed sore treatment options do not have to be done by a doctor if you check it early. This is only a very bad problem if you let it get out of hand.


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