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Whenever you have a skin infection that starts out with oil in your glands or a hair follicle, it could turn into a boil. In fact, a boil is a skin infection that just starts off like a normal pimple looking area. Over the course of a few days, the lump will start to grow in size and become sore to the touch. A few more days after that, you will notice that your skin boils start turning white.

This is because of all the pus that has collected under the skin in that location. Although boils can happen anywhere, the most common place that you are going to find them is on the face and neck. Other places you might find them would be on your butt, armpits, and shoulders. If you get a boil on your eye, you would call that a sty, but for the most part, it is still the same thing.


Having skin boils is a very common thing. At some point in your life, you will have a boil or a sty of some kind. Doctors say that boils are almost as common as pimples. Of course, they use to not be so common, but doctors say that some people do not take care of themselves in the way that they should. Also, touching your eyes without washing your hands is a great way to get sties on your eye, which as said before, is a type of boil.


When your boil starts off, it is just going to be a hard, red lump. Most of the time, they are painful, and they are normally less than an inch in size. Over the course of a few days, the boil is going to become a lot larger, and normally a lot softer. As it grows in size, boils also start to become just that much more painful. After about a week, you should have a puss pocket that sits on the top of the boil. This is, of course, the sign of a very sever infection. If you do not take care of a boil, then you can bet that more boils will start forming around the first one. Also, if it's not taken care of, you can get a fever from it, because of the infection in your body.


It does not take much for a doctor to diagnosis a boil. In fact, most people notice when they get boils on their own. However, if you do go see a doctor, he will be able to let you know if it's a boil after doing a physical exam. If you tend to get a lot of boils, then your doctor may want to do a blood test on you. This is a blood test to see if you have diabetes. People who get a lot of boils could have uncontrolled diabetes. They say that these boils start because of the increased amount of sugar in your body.


The good news about boils is that, normally, you can treat them yourself. A boil treatment is not that hard to do, and normally just involves a warm compress. Simply take a rag, soak it in warm water, and put it over the boil. This gets the pours in the skin to open so that the infection can get out of the body. In fact, they say that soaking in a warm bath could be the best way to get rid of a boil. Also, the heat will decrease the pain and bring all of the puss to a head. Soon after this, your boil will start draining. It is very important that, as it drains, you wash that area with antibacterial soap. You should do this until there is no more puss left. After all the puss is gone, all you have to do is keep washing that area until it is healed up. Be sure to not pop the boil with a needle. Doing this can sometimes make the infection a lot worse.

Home Remedies

If you are looking to get rid of your boils faster, then you might want to try some of these home remedies for boils. Most of the time, finding a good boil treatment is hard, but these have been proven to work, and they work fast. The first boil treatment you should try involves bread. Take a piece of normal bred and place it over the top of boiling water. When the bread becomes soft, remove it, and place it on the boil. This will bring the boil to a head much faster. You may even want to use honey. Simply get some honey, warm it up, and place it on your boil. This should bring the boil to a head very fast. Boils home remedies are fast and easy to use.


Taking care of a boil is not hard work. The hardest thing that you have to do is get the boil to come to a head. When it does, you should have no problem getting the puss out of your body. Just remember to keep it clean while the puss is draining. If you do not, then you are just going to become infected again.

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