Bone Spur Treatment

Bone spurs are things that can happen to a lot of people. If you have never heard of a bone spur, then you might know it by its other name, osteophytes. Pretty much, bone spurs are just little tiny bone projections that form along the edges of your bones. A lot of people think that bone spurs are painful, but they are not. In fact, bone spurs themselves do not hurt a bit.

However, what does hurt is when these tiny bone spurs start to rub against your near muscles and nerves. This is what causes the pain that people link to bone spurs. Most of the time bone spurs do seem to form around the bones that are connected with ligaments However, you should also note that it is possible to get bone spurs on your spine. The good news about bone spurs is that, sometimes, you may never even know that you have them.


Bone spurs are very common and become even more common as you grow older. It does seem like women have a bigger problem with bone spurs as they grow older, and this could be because of a lack of calcium. Nobody knows how many people actually have bone spurs, because not all the cases get reported. Since a lot of people never even know that they have bone spurs, they never report it to their doctor. The only time bone spurs will affect you is when they are rubbing against your muscles.


As we just got done talking about, some bone spurs have no symptoms at all. In fact, sometimes you will never know you have them unless an x-ray is taken. This will sometimes reveal the growth of the bone spurs. As they grow, they are more likely to cause more pain. Thus, just because you do not feel pain now does not mean that you will not feel pain later. Some people do have symptoms that go with their bone spurs, however. For example, sometimes you can have pain in your joins or even a loss of motion in your joints if the pain gets too bad.


If you tell your doctor about pain in your joints, the doctor will do a physical exam on you. This is to get a better understanding of when you feel the pain. It is not uncommon for them to feel around the joint itself to find out where the pain is coming from. From time to time, a doctor may be able to feel the bone spurs by just feeling your joints. Other times, the doctor will not be able to feel the bone spurs, because they are in a place that is hard to get to. If he can not see them, or he wants to confirm that they are bone spurs, then he will want to do an x-ray on you. Other tests, that he may want to use would be things like a magnetic resonance imaging test (MRI) or a computerized tomography (also known as a CT test).


If your bone spurs are not causing you pain, then you will not need bone spur treatment. All you will need to do is to take action to make sure that the bone spurs do not keep growing. If these bone spurs do cause you problems then you are gong to have to use a bone spur treatment. You will also have to find out what is causing the bone spurs to help prevent any further damage from being done to your joints. There are some medications that you will be able to take that could help. These normally are just anti-inflammatory drugs. This only works on bone spurs that are not causing any pain. If you do have bone spurs that limit your motion, then you will have to have surgery to get rid of them.

Home Remedies

Not all bone spurs have to be dealt with by way of medications. One of the best things that you can do to help with the inflammation of bone spurs is to apply ice packs to that area of your body a few times a day. Other home remedies for bone spurs include the use of things like flaxseed. Although taking a lot of flaxseed will not heel bone spurs, it can help in reducing the pain of your bone spurs and also help with the inflammation. Bone spur home remedies normally call for the use of cheese cloth as well. All you have to do is take a cheese cloth and dip it into some warm linseed oil. Then just apply this cheese cloth to the affected area for about two hours. It also helps if you put a piece of plastic over the top, and put a heating pad on it as well.


Bone spurs, if they hurt, are something that you have to have removed with surgery. However, if they do not hurt, then you might be able to take care of your bone spurs with some good old fashion home remedies for bone spurs. The perfect bone spur treatment is out there for you, you just have to find it.


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