Corn Remedies

Corns are something that people hate to have to deal with. However, they are something that a lot of people get. Most of the time, you get these on your body from walking around all day long. People who have jobs where they have to stand on their feet all day are bound to get some corns from time to time. Of course, a lot of people do not even know what causes corns? Anything that causes pressure on your skin and causes friction can cause corns.

This is actually how your skin protects itself. It builds up a hard layer to make sure that things do not break the skin. Thus, a corn is just a thick hardened area of your skin.


So who can get corns? The truth of the matter is that anyone can get them. However, it is important to keep in mind that people that work more are more common to get them than people who do not. Also, it is going to depend on your type of job as well. For example, if you are working all the time on your feet, then you are going to get corns on your feet. However, if you are typing all day, then you may start getting corns on your fingers.


If you have corns, there are some symptoms that will come with them. For example, there will normally be a thick rough area of skin in the affected area. Not only that, but it could feel like a lot of hardened raised bumps. Sometimes if it’s a new corn, then there will be some tenderness on it. Really, this is just the skin that is under it. Other times, you may notice that the skin is flaky. This is dead skin that is falling off the corn. Do remember that corns and calluses are a bit different. However, corns do turn into calluses later on.


Most people are able to tell if they have a corn just by looking at their own feet. However, if you want a doctor to take a look at it, then your doctor will have no problem diagnosing it. He will just examine your body that has the corn and let you know if it is one or not. This is much in the same way that a doctor will diagnosis a wart or cyst as well. It may be possible that your doctor will want to take x-rays if you get a lot of corns. This is to see if there is any type of physical abnormalities that are causing them.


Treatment for a corn comes in a few different methods. Sometimes the doctor will want to have the corn removed if it is causing you a lot of pain and it’s on an area of your body that you really want to use. Of course, there are some other things that you can do that can help you. For example, wearing shoes that fit the right way can help you. You may even want to wear some protective pads to help them heal faster. Sometimes there is a need to use some antibiotic ointment to help it not get infected. Just keeping it clean is sometimes not enough. No matter what you do, you do have to make sure that it does stay clean.

Home Remedies

Remedies for corns come in a lot of different forms. People have had corns for years, and they have come up with a lot of different ways that you can heal them quicker. Home remedies for corns normally use things like liquorices. However, some corns home remedies use things like lemon. Other people use things like papaya and Indian squeal. No matter what you use, all of these will help your corns to hurt a little bit less. There are a ton of great home remedies out there. Although not all of them are going to help you, most of them will. Just be sure that you find one that is worth using.


Corns are something that everyone in the world can get. They affect men and women of all ages. However, as you grow older, you may know how to prevent them a bit better than when you were young. All you have to do is use some of the home remedies for corns that we talked about. Although corn home remedies can be done from home, if you get a lot of corns, you need to contact your doctor. There could be something that is causing your corns to keep popping up. Of course, this is only if you keep getting corns in the same place. If your corns keep popping up in different places, then there is not much that you can do about them. Do check the stores for over-the-counter medications. Sometimes you will find something that works very well at healing them quickly.


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