Edema Treatments

Edema is a type of swelling that is caused by excess fluid. This fluid gets trapped under the body's tissue, and that is what causes the swelling. It is important to keep in mind that edema can actually affect just about every body part. Of course, like most problems, it is more common in certain areas. For example, your hands, ankles, and feet get it the most.

It can also be found on your legs. Edema can be caused by a lot of things, but one of the most common things that causes it is pregnancy. The best way to treat edema is to identify the underlying cause of the edema. If you do not take care of the cause of the fluid build up, then it does you no good to try and take care of the edema. Most of the time, self-care can be used with medication to take care of the edema.


This is a problem that can affect everyone. They do say that women tend to get it a little bit more than men. However, most doctors think that is just because pregnancy is the leading cause of edema. Since women are the only ones that go through pregnancy, it tips the scale in their favor. Besides that, anyone can get edema. Although it happens to older people more often, it is important to keep in mind that people of all ages can have this problem.


The symptoms of edema are pretty easy to spot. You are going to see a lot of swelling or puffiness in the area that has the edema. Since the skin becomes stretched, your skin will also become shiny looking in that area. If you press on the area that has the edema, it will look like a dimple for a few seconds before filling back up. Over time, these can increase to very big sizes.


When you go to get your edema diagnosed, your doctor is not going to worry too much about the edema itself. Mostly, your doctor is going to worry about what is causing the edema. On top of this, your doctor is, of course, going to ask you a few questions. For example, your doctor is going to want to know if you get edema a lot or if this just happens sometimes. After that, your doctor is going to do a physical exam on you. This is going to help find the underlying medical condition that is causing the edema. Some other tests that he may use would be things like x-rays and blood tests. Some doctors will even do urine tests. All of these tests are just used to find the main underlying problem.


The best edema treatment is to find what is causing the edema. After your doctor runs some tests on you, he will be able to find out what is causing your edema. From there, he will be able to give you medications that can cure the underlying problem. If you take care of that problem then your edema will go away. Of course, your doctor may also give you some other medications that are good edema remedies. For example, he could give you medications that will actually increase your kidney output. This will make you output more water and help to bring down your edema. Last, but not least, your doctor may give you a new diet. This is a diet that is going to decrease how much fluid you take in. Of course, if you are a pregnant woman, these treatment methods could be a bit different.

Home Remedies

The good news for those of you that have edema is the fact that there are a lot of home remedies for edema out there. These can be done without having to take any kind of medication. Most good edema home remedies should be paired with movement. Trying to get your muscles moving is a great way to help get the extra fluid pumped back into your body. Also, try to elevate the area of your body that has the edema. This is great for your feet, if that is the area of your body that has the problem. It also helps if you massage the area that has the edema. Be sure not to put too much pressure on that area, though. It also helps if you are able to reduce the amount of salt intake your body has. Salt helps your body to store water. Thus, if you have a lot of salt, your body will help to store those fluids.


Edema does not have to be hard to take care of. Thanks to all of the edema home remedies out there, you can be sure that your edema is taken care of in no time. You do not always have to take medications to take care of all of your health problems. Some of them can be handled the old fashion way.


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