Endometriosis Treatment

Some people may have heard of endometriosis, but never knew just what it was. Well, endometriosis is actually a growth of cells that are almost the same as the cells that grow in the uterus. However, the bad thing is that these uterus-like cells are growing on the outside of the uterus. Keep in mind that these are the same kind of cells that get shed each month during menstruation.

Anyway, these endometriosis cells attach themselves to tissue. This then causes endometriosis implants. Most of the time, when you come across endometriosis implants, you are going to find them on ovaries or around the fallopian tube. Sometimes they can attach to other places, like the uterus or the intestines. A few have even been found on the pelvic cavity itself. You should also note, although less common, they can be found on the bladder or the vagina. It is very rare that you will ever find them outside the pelvis area. In very rare cases, they have been found in old scars and in the lungs or brain. There is good news and bad news about endometriosis implants. Although they do cause problems, they are not cancerous at all.


Now comes the question that everyone wants to know, how common are these endometriosis implants? They say that over one million women in the United States will have endometriosis. That's to say about 3 to 18% of all women in the United States. Thus, you can see that it is not the most common problem to look out for, but it does happen. Most of the time, these problems show up in women that are between the ages of 25 to 35. Of course, there hae been reports that state girls as young as 11 have had this problem as well. It is very rare for women that are post menopausal to ever get this problem. On top of that, endometriosis can be found in all races, but it is more common in white women than in African or Asian women.


Before you go looking for an endometriosis treatment, you need to know if you have it first. Thus, you have to known what symptoms to look for. For most women, endometriosis does not have any symptoms per say. Some women that have this problem do have a problem with infertility. In fact, the ability to not bear a child is considered the worst part about endometriosis. Although there can be pain for the woman, there is normally no life or death situation. Of course, endometriosis that is found around nerves can cause more pain. Also, endometriosis that gets in the bloodstream can cause pain as well. Other problems could be abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in the urine and, of course, lower back pain.


The main problem with endometriosis is that it can not be picked up on by a normal physical examination. Most of the time, your doctor is going to have to do things like ultrasounds to see if there is any kind of problem. For a lot of doctors. The easiest way to diagnosis this problem is with surgery. In fact, laparoscopy is the most likely surgical procedure that your doctor will use to diagnosis endometriosis. It is important that your doctor is the one to diagnosis your endometriosis. Most of the time, you will find out that it is not endometriosis that is causing the pain.


As far as endometriosis treatment is concerned, most doctors will use things like anti-inflammatory drugs. This could include things like ibuprofen and so on. Of course, this is just the normal kind of stuff that would be prescribed for menstrual cramping. There is not much that you can do as far as treatment for endometriosis goes. Most of the time, women just suspect that they have endometriosis, but do nothing about it. That is because endometriosis can only be diagnosed if the women goes through surgery.

Home Remedies

Endometriosis remedies are not far between. Although there is not much you can do to cure your endometriosis, there is stuff you can do to make it hurt less. A lot of people like to use a ice or heating packs as home remedies for endometriosis. This kind of treatment is going to be a good way to relieve your lower abdominal problems. Other endometriosis home remedies are going to include the use of things like fruit juice. Of course, you should not go for chilled or cold juice. Your juices should be stored at room temperature and drunk that way. It is also important to stay away from things like dairy.


Overall, there are a lot of things that you can do for endometriosis. Since you must have surgery to diagnosis endometriosis, most women never know they have this problem. The good news is that endometriosis is not a major health problem for most people. If you think that you have it, just try some of the home remedies for endometriosis that we talked about.


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