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When it comes to cleaning your colon, there is a lot of different things that you can do. Most people like to turn to colon cleansing. This is where you pump liquids into your body to clean out stuff that could be stuck in your colon. Although most people know of this method, they do not know what it is called. When you pump water into your colon by way of your anus this is known as enema.

When you pump water into your colon, you can remove all the toxins that could be built up in there. After they pump in the water, the water is then drained through another tube. During this time you can see all of the toxins that are getting washed out of your body.


So what kind of people can use enema treatment methods? For the most part, anyone can. Although, it is not recommended for young kids. Besides that, both males and females use this method. Not only that, but people of all ages use it as well. In fact, as you grow in age, they recommended that you do it more often. This way, you keep your colon clean. By keeping your colon clean, you are actually able to keep yourself at a less risk of getting colon cancer.


There are no symptoms that go with enema. In fact, you use enema to get rid of other symptoms that you may have. If you eat a lot of junk food, then your body is going to get backed up with a lot of toxic things. As toxic stuff builds up in your colon, there are other problems that come about. In fact, a lot of people end up having problems with diseases as well. When you use enema, you will be removing all of the backed up toxic matter and, of course, all of your backed up bowel movements. Not only are you going to feel better overall when you get done, but chances are, you will look a bit slimmer too.


If you think that you need enema, then you should go see your doctor. He is  more than likely going to do a few tests on your body. Your doctor may also ask you a few personal questions about how you feel and your past medical history. All doctors feel differently about enema, so you never know if your doctor  is going to be for it or against it. However, if you feel enema is a good idea, then you do not have to go see your doctor first. There are a lot of clinics that specialize in enema. Thus, you can go to them and have them do it. You should not have to do this more than once a year. If you want, you can even buy a home enema kit to save money on how often you have to go to the clinic.


When you are talking about treatment of diseases with enema, you have a few different choices to make. The main choice that you will have to make is what kind of liquid do you want to use. Although enema is normally done with just warm water, there are some places that use other treatment methods. For example, coffee is a very popular choice now. The caffeine in the coffee helps to break up the things in your colon, and thus, removes more toxins. Because the coffee is stronger, you do not have to do as many enemas. When you use just warm water, you could have to do it multiple times to make sure you get everything out. Of course, as we just talked about, you can do enema from home. If you choose to do it from home, then you may have a few different things that you could try.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for enema are easy to find. Not only do these home remedies help to clean your colon, but they can even detox your liver. The enema remedy that includes coffee is a good example. The caffeine is actually absorbed into your system. From there, it enters into your liver and cleans out toxins there. Another popular enema treatment option involves yogurt. This has live bacteria in it, which actually aids you in the cleansing of your colon as well. Other good natural enema treatment options involve using lemon juice. As you can see, there are a ton of different methods that you can use. Choosing the right enema home remedies for your body is completely up to you. Some people even say that mixing salt with soda is a great enema home remedy to try.


Many people will have to clean out their colon over the course of their life time. There is no way around this, because people do not take good enough care of themselves. We do not eat what we should eat, and thus, our colons get backed up. If you think that your colon is getting backed up, then you should try enema to clear away the toxins.

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